Saturday, 30 October 2010

Vodefone Pay Your Tax Bill Now!"

Today activists from around the country stepped-up the growing campaign against cuts and the government austerity measures that intend to make the poorest in our society pay for the crisis of capitalism. The activists trod on with their endeavours to highlight and demand that Vodefone be made to pay a £6 million Tax Bill.

Direct Action is now being deployed successfully around the country as over 20 Vodefone shops were forced to close when activist’s set-up pickets and blockaded shop entrances, it is being widely reported that the general public have been very supportive of the actions taken as the official media such as the BBC and others have implemented a selective news black-out, we wonder why?”
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Chris H said...

I think this has gathered enough legs so that the media can't ignore it completely. The BBC site now has it as a text link on the front page. The story starts with lots of quotes saying that the £6bn bill never existed. It's only if you take the time to read further down that the real 'corruption' comes out. Vodafone are also being pursued by India for trying to get out of a £1.2bn tax bill.

Good on the protesters for standing up to this.

The corruption within the capitalist system is beyond belief.

Norbert said...

Thanks Comrade,

It has kinked-started the stand against the coming fight and resistance which is no bad thing,and of course your right!"

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