Friday, 1 October 2010

Political depression...

You Know, there was I time when being apart of the Labour movement, as an individual that is; meant something and everything to me!" Well, I have to say of this week that has just begun to close; now legging into the weekend, and a strange depression has hold of me. So bad has it been, I have shut myself off from all things remotely political, even this blog and what the next post should be about, has been relegated to afar off place in my mind. The Labour Party conference, really did demonstrate the infestation that has its hold like a maggot breakfasting on its inner's.

Everything that I find repulsive about today’s Labour Party was on display.

Ed Miliband’s elevation as the new Leader has revelled, why it was right that many of us rejected and decided; that no longer was this the party of change, for me this wasn’t always obvious, I stayed on for along time, despite the uncomfortableness I felt when Labour under Neal Kinnock did nothing for mineworkers, this man really has a lot to answer for, and the mere sight of him and his wife makes me feel and without failure, nauseatingly disgusted. Every time I see him sitting in the front of the assembled Labourites, dutifully now playing the grand golden oldie, then someone will mention his part on the road to New Labour, his contribution hailed and acclaimed be it by both Blair and Brown always nearly moves the man to tears.

This week he cracked as he shed a tear as Helle Thorning-Schmidt his daughter-in-law and leader of Denmark’s Social Democratic Party, lauds him as her inspiration.

Give me a brake!”                                                           

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Chris H said...

Is Red Ed rifling through Kinnock's pockets? There's a good few bob there from the EU gravytrain if he is. Could keep the City going for a while.

Kinnock's leadership marked the beginning of the end for the Labour Party. Of course he wouldn't support the mineworkers, it wasn't in his plan for the LP to be the guardian of the working class but a party committed to gaining power at any cost.

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