Thursday, 14 October 2010

No to the Cuts in Newham

Next June I think, will be my tenth year as a resident in the great London Borough of Newham, and it really is a great and wonderful place to live, so diverse, rich and cosmopolitan in benevolence and impartiality; that is extended to all races and to all creeds by its citizens as if by habit.

Last night I attended a meeting called to consider the distressful and disgraceful cuts being planed by the Con Dem coalition; cuts that we have read and heard so much about since the general election, and next week, if you didn’t already know, the Chancellor George Osborn will announce through the guise of inter-departmental spending review, were their swinging axe will fall.

We already have a pretty good idea what they plan, or at least those of us who take an interest in the political butcherly of these servants of the ruling class.

In this post it isn’t my intension to go into the finer details of the impending cuts, but to briefly report on last nights meeting which took place in a really lovely Community Centre in Forest Gate, which is just down the road from where I live in Canning Town.

As has always been my own practice over the years; I tend to arrive for a meeting early and sometimes up to an hour early; this helps me get a feel for a particular place and I can spend some quite time in mental meditation; considering what is to be deliberated and turned over, in this case the cuts and how they will impact on the people of Newham and what can we do about them.

The meeting was held at Durning Hall Community Centre in Forest Gate, and I have to say what a lovely facility is the Community Centre, when I arrived having never been there before, I was taken back by the warmth and the ambiance of atmosphere. It was buzzing with activity, a real hub of the community if ever I saw one. It has a community cafĂ©, a second hand book-stall and children were happily participating in versus activates, I met one young lady and her dad who were attending tap-dancing classes, just a wonderful place and the most impressive Community Centre I had ever had the absolute joy to visit!”

Anyhow, the meeting was attended by about 40 or so people, the majority I would say were old hands and community activists, professional and voluntary. There was a sprinkling of committed trade unionists able to see the full picture, and of course the usual types that one anticipates to encounter at such an event, of start a revolution, that’s members of the SWP and the Socialist Party, the latter being what was better known as the Militant Tendency back in the day.

It really is not my intension to be sectarian because the cuts affect them as much as anyone else, and besides some of them made good contributions providing clarity at times. However having been involved in many campaigns over the years, from the Anti-Nazi-League, Poll Tax and so on. I like many have good and bad experiences of the way some so-called revolutionary organisations operate, and for my part will endeavour to make sure that every voice is heard and listened to, that the fight is not about paper sales or recruiting members to their respective organisations, having said that Sarah Ruiz and Kevin Blowe should be congratulated on organising the meeting, they are not associated or at least to my knowledge to any of the above organisations. Kevin runs the excellent blog Random Blowe and has posted his own report which you can read here.

Well the thing is a line has now been drawn in the sand in Newham, and my feeling is this campaign will go from strength to strength if we all pull together, this is our time it is our communities that are being attacked; they want to destroy the welfare that our grandparents fought for, and the services that were hard-won now need to be defended and improved, and furthermore we need to do this above all else, for our children!”

More about the cuts and Newham tomorrow!"                            


Kevin said...

Good to see you last night and I guess you are right - there is real potential for a campaign, although I found yesterday's meeting very frustrating. See you on 4 November for the planning meeting?

Norbert said...

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the comment, and I think we are going to do the snappiness bigness in Newham.

I have an idea which I think is good will bring it to the meeting on the 4 November!"

Best Regards, JL

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