Thursday, 28 October 2010

Hanging Tariq Aziz will be a a brutal barbarous and savage act!

Three years ago I was spending the New Year in Scotland and as they say up there seeing the old out and the new in; and it was on that very New Years Day when the world was first informed that Saddam Husain had been hanged on the first day of Eid ul-Adha, 30 December 2006, despite his wish to be shot (which he felt would be more dignified) The execution was carried out at the strangely named Camp Justice, an Iraqi army base in Kadhimiya, a neighborhood of northeast Baghdad.

The execution was videotaped on a mobile phone and his captors could be heard insulting Saddam. The video was leaked to electronic media and posted on the Internet within hours, becoming the subject of global controversy, it was later claimed by the head guard at the tomb where his body remains that Saddam's body was stabbed six times after the execution.

Now I don’t know about anyone else, but the news of Saddam’s execution and the manner in which it was carried-out has always been a reverberating bone of contention that has laid heavily upon my mind, to put it simply it was nothing more than a barbaric act of political vengeance by the US puppet government in Baghdad and yet another in the litany of war crimes committed by both Bush and Blair since their 2003 invasion.

In recent day’s we the world have now been notified that Tariq Aziz is to hang, you will remember Tariq Aziz who was for decades Iraq’s chief diplomatic representative on the world stage, he voluntarily turned himself in to the US military in 2003. He apparently trusted that his long-standing international reputation—including his diplomatic relations with successive US administrations—would protect him.  

Instead, this ailing 74-year-old man has been subjected to more than seven years of solitary confinement, first by American military jailers and more recently, by Iraqi security forces. When US occupation forces turned Aziz over to the Iraqi government last July he confided to his lawyer, “I am sure they are going to kill me.”

Well he wasn’t wrong then!”

Aziz went through a multiple of trials largely without any legal representation, as lawyers who dared to defend him were threatened with death by Shi’ite militias linked to the US-backed regime, and to top that off the tribunal that handed down the sentence on Aziz was created by a decree issued under the US occupation’s Coalition Provisional Authority for the purpose of trying members of the Ba’athist government that the US invasion overthrew. Its staff was handpicked and paid by the US Embassy in Baghdad. From its inception, this kangaroo court has employed the crudest methods of “victors’ justice.”

If as is expected and Aziz is hanged then make no mistake, this will surely be a brutal barbarous and savage act not befitting humanity in the twenty first century!” 


Chris H said...

Tariq is also one of the few from Saddam's 'inner circle' who was close enough to have a few tales to tell about the dealings the West/US had with Iraq pre and post invasions. It was certain that he'd never be allowed any freedom.

I bet there's room in the dock for Blair and Dubya. That would be justice!

Norbert said...

Interesting that both Aziz and Blair are members of the Catholic Church then, and that the Holy Father has appealed for Aziz to be saved from this and yes savage act!"

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