Monday, 11 October 2010


Optimism is that really the right word. No I think not, greed among chief financial officers in the Golden Mile of the-city has apparently descended to its lowest level in 18 months, with more than a third believing the economy will slide into a double-dip recession.

The latest CFO survey, carried out by the accountancy group Deloitte, found that optimism had declined for the third-successive quarter despite a "fairly robust" economic recovery – what recovery?”

Meanwhile the first phase of the Government's "radical" welfare reform programme starts today with benefit claimants in Aberdeen starting to be reassessed for their ability to work.

The move comes as new figures lay claim (allegedly) that almost £135 billion has been spent over the past 10 years keeping two million people "on the sick".

Long-term incapacity benefit claimants in Aberdeen and Burnley, Lancashire, will be the first across the country to undergo a new test - the Work Capability Assessment - to see if they are fit for work.

When we see these figures thrown about how much it has cost the country in sickness benefits, let’s just remember the 185 billion pounds it cost to bail-out the banks in less than two years, and the rest.

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