Monday, 18 October 2010

The Cuts and them morally reprehensible Tories?”

Just who, I was wounding today, elects these vile, foul and morally reprehensible Tories?”

There is only one piece of comfort or relief with this current affliction, and that’s in the knowledge that they were unable at the general election to win an outright majority and govern on their own accord, and then that’s countenanced by the joining at the hips of the orange Lib Dems and the formation of what they call a coalition.

Are there really parts of the UK who are at home and happy with electing representatives of the first and second parties of capitalism? Middle England, or rather middle class Britain such slavering and drivel from the mouths of Westminster bound politicians must sure enough start to fall somewhat short now?

That great illusion of being led to believe you are somehow middle class and better off than others must now be falling apart for thousands; you're post code will not help if you lost your job and are falling behind with the house and credit card repayment, and now it’s about to get worse, just how are you going to stump-up the cash for the kids education, and the absolute nightmare that if they (your children) were to even borrow the money to get through university, they may be in debt for years to the banks or even before securing any suitable employment.

The Prime Minister David Cameron may like to tell us that we are all init together, but this really takes on a whole new meaning!”

Today being Sunday at the time of writing has seen the Chancellor George Osborne on the Andrew Marr Show. Osborne resisted discussing the details of the review, but said he was determined to cut government waste and the ballooning benefit budget to safeguard spending on schools and hospitals. What a load of bollocks, school new builds have been cancelled all over the country, and cuts and savings are being sought in many areas of the NHS.

In the interview, Osborne revealed that those caught making repeated bogus benefit claims would have their welfare payments halted for up to three years. Comparing benefit cheats to muggers robbing taxpayers.

The crackdown, to be formally launched tomorrow, will include mobile hit squads of inspectors sent to problem areas and a "three strikes and you're out" rule will strip repeat offenders of benefits. Osborne told the Marr show the new rules were "perfectly reasonable". He said: "It [benefit] has to go to the people who need it, because the people who pay for it demand no less."

So as we can see, yet again the poorest most venerable sections of our society are being singled-out and attacked.

Here are some Newham facts that we were given at the anti-cuts meeting that I attended the other night:

  • Whilst Child Benefits have been cut for any family where one parent earns more than £44,000 a year, in June 2010, they were frozen for three years for everyone – a cut in real terms.
  • Because Newham has one of the youngest populations in the country, 1,035 families receive Child Benefit (a total of 79,320 children).
  • There are 10,196 people who are claiming Job Seeker Allowance (JSA) in Newham.
  • Nine JSA claimants are competing for each unfilled job vacancy in Newham. Compared with a national average of 5:1.
  • A total of 1,910 people (18.8% of those on JSA) who have been claiming JSA for longer than 12 months in Newham risk the withdrawal of their Housing Benefit.
  • In Newham there are 46 jobs for every 100 people of working age, compared to 94 for London and 83 nationally. People either don’t work or have to travel outside the borough for work.
  • The types of work available to people in Newham are in the service sector (representing 89.9% of all jobs in the borough). Often insecure and temporary (32% are part time), low paid (21% get paid less than £7 an hour) and low skilled (24.2% fail to reach level 4 at key stage 2 – average of English and Maths).
  • 36% of jobs in Newham are in the public sector (this is in the top 10% in the country).
  • Newham Council has already cut £30 million (around 7%0 from this year’s budget. How many more jobs will go if there are further departmental cuts of 25% up to 2015 and a council tax freeze?

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