Monday, 11 October 2010

The coalition never had any intension to mend the injured, or to heal the broken tissue in our society

There can be no doubt whatsoever; that we will see under this government a dramatic increase in the numbers of people forced into homelessness. Plans to make cuts in housing benefit may put up to 200.000 people at risk that’s according to the National Housing Federation (NHF).

The NHF, which represents’ housing organisations across the country, claimed that people living in London and the South-East would be hit the hardest and has estimated that up to 34,000 people could lose their homes.

Nationally, the group claims the overall number of people faced with homelessness could be as many as 750, 000.

This of course would be the result of measures announced by rich boy, who has never ever known a single day of hardship in his whole life, the chancellor George Osborn.

I can not put to fine a point on this, for we will see such an explosion of homelessness that will inevitably have such an impact on the lives of so many including children, and that which we know today as society; will cicatrice all that.

Remember David Cameron, giving it the big one about a broken society, about how the family was important and all that otherwise verbal diarrhoea, oh yes, it came out of his mouth just like watery bowel movements. He and his Con Dem coalition never had any intension to mend the injured, or to heal the broken tissue in our society. They work for the love of profit, the followers of a quick buck, a killing to be made when times were good for them, and out of those in need of a home, you could say a vast flowing majority in need, lets remember 9 August 2007 when the bad news from French bank BNP Paribas triggered sharp rise in the cost of credit, and made the financial world realise how serious the situation was.

The roots of the credit crunch.

Defined as "a severe shortage of money or credit". Let us remember that between 2004 and 2006 US interest rates rose from 1% to 5.35%, triggering a slowdown in the US housing market.

Homeowners, many of whom could only barely afford their mortgage payments when interest rates were low, began to default on their mortgages.

The impact of these defaults were felt across the financial system as many of the mortgages had been bundled up and sold on to banks and investors.

Let us remember Northern Rock who relied heavily on the markets, rather than savers' deposits, to fund its mortgage lending. The onset of the credit crunch dried up its funding.
A day later depositors withdraw £1bn in what is the biggest run on a British bank for more than a century.

Let us remember the trillions pumped into the banks and the world economy just like a rhythmic contraction that held up the world of capitalism when through greed it had a massive heart attack as it stood still, heart thumping wildly.

When Osborne, stands up in the House of Commons on the 20th October and tells us were the axe will fall, let’s remember all this and much more!”


earwicga said...

Every day now I think of Cathy Come Home.

It's horrific to make people homeless as a deliberate housing policy to provide adequate housing for the better off.

Norbert said...

Hi Comrade,

And Thanks for your comment, yes I too remember Cathy Come Home it started Shelter.

But the problem still exists, and will become far worse, because simply the needs of the many don't figure high in the plans of the greedy few!"

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