Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Blogging Revolt

On what I consider a much lighter post of recent times; we have taken this opportunity to introduce some new blogs that have been added to our blog list here on The Socialist Way.

It really is a great joy and of immense satisfaction to write and be a part of running The Socialist Way, and putting into words the important things we feel about the world in which we live, and to share of course some of our ideas and opinions’ with the possibleness of billions of people dotted all around this great globe reading our blog, although that may be over doing expectations a wee bit.

It’s such a buzz to look at the blog globe on the right-hand side of this post and see that we have had visitors from the seven continents and landmasses of the earth, and just to think that man the human race, the pioneers, had to cross the continent on foot taking many years of discovery to arrive at where we are now. Early man left his footprint, his tools here and there; a painting on a cave wall gave an idea and told the story of that journey.

In this modern technological civilization, based in the scientific and industrial progress that man has made, we are able through the medium of cyberspace to reach out and communicate with others on the other side of our planet. Such a wondrous invention is the Internet, but of course let’s be honest its development spurred-on by profit making motives, the psychological feature that arouses this organism that some say is man into action and towards a desired goal; the reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction to such behaviour is sadly money and profit.

Unfortunately, many people in the industrialised world have become pessimistic about the future – even afraid. The optimism that once existed is now being drained as if through a sieve separating lumps from powdered material and grading particles that don’t conform to the status quo of our existing state of affairs. Shattered by a succession of events and developments that make us very apprehensive for our future and that of our children and their children after them. Two world wars, which they said was for our freedom, now we invade and plunder once again other nations. The invention and deployment of nuclear and biological weapons, the rise and election of fascists to assemblies, a succession of economic crises, the credit crunch, and the seemingly endless catalogue of crime, oppression and brutality around the world have made optimism seem rather naive and this post is anything but light!”

But hold on, there is a light through the darkness, it shines and beams its signal bright transmitted along a narrow path, and of course I speak of the new additions added to our blog list. These are what we consider compatriots and comrades from a rich and varied tradition of socialist and anarchist persuasions with thoughts and views, but with one objective and a rallying creed generally accepted, that it is possible to win a new world for all, a world free from the fetters of production for profit, a world where the sole basis of creating goods and services will be for the satisfaction of human needs, and nothing more. These bloggers follow the time old hunger for freedom, that hunger has never gone away nor will it ever, and I am reminded that around 1381 at the time of The Peasants’ Revolt, John Ball is recorded as saying, at an open meeting, “My friends, things cannot go well in England, nor ever, until everything shall be held in common, when there shall be neither vassal nor lord and all distinctions levelled, when lords shall be no more masters than ourselves.”

So first up is a delightful poet of extreme talent, I spent 2 hours reading and listening to his exceedingly infectious verse in beauty and with an evocation of feeling, and I kid you not a real stimulation that calls up and draws forth upon a particular class of behaviours that resides within us all. The author who I came across on Titter; films and records his own poetry and reads it in a very delightful Yorkshire accent, a soft but distinctive manner of oral expression. 'The World of Sinna Lavva'  carries a unique political massage and I really do recommend more than one visit.

‘Rage against the Coalition’ is a real favourite because it is passionately against the cuts and all that which is austerity. This is how the blog is described: “We are raging about the cuts the 'coalition' is inflicting on us. They are not just unfair and unjust, they are stupid. They will not help our country.

What they will do is ruin lives, wreck the economic recovery and millions of people into poverty.

So this page has been created to give us an outlet for our rage, to give a place to gather all the articles that are written about the cuts impact, all the stories of the people affected and the facts and figures that are involved.

We want to fight against the damage these cuts will inflict and bring the untold stories to the forefront.

People power can work if enough of us get involved and we plan to start right here! 

I think that 'Rage against the Coalition' is just but an example of what is building up in the country in terms of descent and interaction towards cuts which makes Thatcher look a   very pale light coloured blue and highly diluted in comparability to David Cameron, and so perhaps, just perhaps the Con Dem’s won’t be around as long as they think?”

One other very important point is that three of our mentioned bloggers have direct experience with disability, and without any un-necessary details; they are simply a credit to our movement, and I mean the new movement that’s under construction and now coming together.

Third up is a young blogger with plenty of that stuffing we call enthusiasm, so keen is he that he makes even me feel tired, wanting to catch my breath after a across country run. He tweets, blogs and attends all manner of meetings, in away a reminder of myself when I was active in the Labour Party in my own youth many moons ago now.  

His modest but sincere blog is worth a visit as he keeps himself very well informed, and despite what I have already said, I do hope that he will forgive me for mentioning that for someone who is blind his blog 'the way I see things' is a real corker; a very polite young man indeed a credit to himself and his parents.

Our next blog 'Michael Says' is another Labour Party member, who describes himself as being Left of centre and also a member of the Co-operative party. I like Michael’s blog as he comes across as a down to earth and loyal Labour activist of the short I well remember back in the 1970s. I would only be honest and with all due respect to both the above mentioned Labour bloggers in saying that there would be a great many differences between us, politically speaking that is, and not personally for we except on this blog that they are indeed socialists, and have the interests of their class held close to their harts. However the real question is how we are best to serve those interests, if indeed to serve is the operative word, for socialism in its true meaning is not about service or has it ever been. Socialists must strive for a democratic world community without boundaries or frontiers that are based on the ownership of the means of producing and distributing wealth by society as a whole. Socialism is not about the management of this or that council or even about running capitalism for the capitalists, blank out and forget about the deficit and instead think about the working class ownership of all the means of production by the whole community. Wealth should not be produced for sale or profit, but solely to satisfy human needs. This means the end of buying and selling and all the other financial and commercial institutions like money, prices, wages and banks. People will co-operate to produce an abundance of wealth from which they can take freely according to their needs.

Our last blog is the 'Anarchist news dot org' which we like for its informative content and because the one good thing that you can say about anarchists, is that they don’t use people, un-like some not to be mentioned left organisations who love nothing better than to march people up the hill and then back down again without ever achieving anything. Recently ‘Anarchist news dot org’ reproduced on their blog an English translation of a leaflet written by some participants to the current movement against pension reforms in France, here is a snippet that gives a taste of the flavour and commitment of this excellent blog.
“Address to the wage-earners, unemployed and precarious workers of all the countries in the European Union.

We are precarious workers, wage-earners, students or unemployed, currently taking part in the struggle against the pension reform by the Sarkozy government which plans to postpone the legal retirement age and to extend the number of years of contributions to be entitled to a full pension. This measure will lead to the worsening of the living conditions of the precarious sections of the population and a significant progress of the logic of capital valorisation. This is in line with the Thatcherite policies pursued by the French government over the last four years, as in most European countries for the last twenty years of the reign of neo-liberal orthodoxy. This politics of social regression (privatisations, wage freezes, cuts in the public sector and in social spending) is all the more harshly felt because of the 2008–2009 recession (and its trail of mass redundancies) which, far from leading to a revision of the neo-liberal dogmas, was able to justify a new round of austerity plans at the expense of the working class.”   

Well that is finally it, and with just two things left to say, the first being, that the two authors, contributors to The Socialist Way have between ourselves over eighty years experience of agitation and propagation of the socialist case, we would never say that we know or hold all the answers to the many problems that workers throughout the world face today in that daily struggle to bring about an irreversible change in favour of all working people and throughout the world. However what we do know is that nothing will ever change if we don’t start to talk and walk together, for our struggle is not about agreeing but rather about recalculation and recognition, if we can see that our enemy is the whole rotten system of capitalism, then surely we must be able to make one simple calculation – unity. That’s why we will continue on this blog to promote and endeavour to bring together other serous bloggers who have something worthwhile saying, which in-itself is a start. And that brings me conveniently to the photographs accompanying this post; they are of the demonstration that was recently organised by the Camden Trades Council and other local organisations on the very day that the Con Den’s unveiled their packaged gift to the working class, billions in cuts and a deadly attack on our welfare state. I was on that march to Downing Street and I tell you there was a very real atmosphere of unity that night, and that’s what we need to build upon!”


Chris H said...

Some good blogs mentioned there, ta.

One good thing coming out of the ConDem government is the number of people who are beginning to realise that they are going to be the fall-guy for capitalism's failings, and who are enraged enough to start blogging. Especially among those are people who are ill. Maybe not embracing the concept of a socialist world but peed-off enough to realise that the alternative doesn't have their good at heart.

Norbert said...

A wind of change gently blows out!

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