Friday, 1 October 2010

battle cry!”

It’s a real filthy night in Canning Town this evening, rain (at time of writing) continues to bombard with uninterrupted delivery, and it’s been like this for most of the day. I have had the misfortune and been pretty well drenched more than once today. Oh well never mind at least the weekend has arrived; and I plan a calm, silent, quiet affair, just myself the ferret a few books, the computer and the dreaded housework – sounds good or what?”

I’ve just started to read ‘Silvertown’ By Melanie Mcgrath, this has the promise of a really good read; just read the first chapter. Silvertown, it pullulates with stories of life in the docks and pubs and dog tracks of the old East End; this passage is from the books Preface:

 “You could say that Jenny Fulcher led a very ordinary life. She grew up, worked, married and had children. Her life was subject to the usual disquiets and worries. She fretted over her debts. She worried for the future. Every so often, lying in bed in the flat dawn light, she would wonder what the point of all the struggle was. And then she would get up and make a pot of tea and get on with it.”   

In those few lines, came the message that I had desperately been looking for; just get on with it. But, I intend to apply this to the class struggle of today. And as we look towards next week and the conference of those Tories, we will begin to see the ferocity of their intended sledgehammer attack upon our living standards, and the services that make life bearable in our communities, and let’s be clear about this services, that were fought and won over generations, by people committed to breaking the squalid conditions of working people, they fought for the ending of the workhouse, for the provision of honest to good social housing, they insisted that knowledge and education should not be the preserve and property of those with money and the monopoly of all that is best in life. There commitment won and established in the face of real opposition, our National Health Service, a service that was intended to be free and the real envy of the world. So this, just skimming over the surface of welfare which is the Tories once in a lifetime opportunity to take-a-way everything that was won by genuine, sincere and a visionary Labour Movement of a long lost past.

This weekend, I will think personally of how in some small way I can best raise the battle cry!”

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