Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The state of Labour Representation?"

Our post, 'Miliband a new generation or same old, same old?" Which we are pleased to say and with modesty; attracted rather a bit of interest, particularly amongst fellow socialist bloggers. Harpymarx who we seem to mention quite a lot these days; although this is coincidental; posted a blog comment and authored, wrote a piece on her own blog, in a sort of response to our original post, where she asks some interesting, searching questions about the state of Labour Representation in the House of Commons. So rather than go into her concerns you can read them for yourself here: 'its about representation'.

Now her questions and concerns are very important, and we should be under no conjuration; that it is right, that those on what is called generally and broadly speaking the left, should examine as a matter of urgency, the role of those representatives (Labour), we send to speak-up for workers in the House of Commons and the European Parliament.   

Let’s put it this way; the life of James Keir Hardie is one of the legends of modern British politics, he admittedly, and what may seem long ago was the symbol of the ‘man in the cloth cap’ for many a Labourite, which passed from history into romance. But in reality the time of Hardie was not that long ago, the cloth cap may have disappeared and fashionably been replaced by say the everyday baseball cap, a bad import. But much that we must still articulate remains just the same in a great many respects, such as: two classes, an owning and controlling class, and of course a working slave class. Some changes more refined are that capital being more global, total control of technology by the few, who refuse to harness its advance to deal a devastating blow to hunger, homelessness and general poverty that billions are forced to endure and swim in everyday of their lives, if anything it’s the stable gear of an arrangement of leather straps fitted to the draft animal of the working class so that it can be attached to pull the cart in the pursuit of profits.

So what we intend is to do, is wait for today’s Miliband speech and then give consideration after to the very important, crucial question of so-called representation, possibly in a wholly separate post! 


Chris H said...

With your post and Harpymarx's I do wonder how Labour fares in class representation within the different strata - member, activist, NEC, PLP, MP etc. Would be interesting reading and perhaps provide thought for the future.

Norbert said...

Thanks Chris,

Yes, will try and take on your suggested differing levels of Labour membership!"

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