Friday, 3 September 2010

Sir Robin Wales and the MP for East Ham, Stephen Timms support Mr Ed.

Just got time this morning to do two things, or rather bring two pieces of information. The first is some news that’s come my way in regards to the closing stages of the Labour Party leadership contest. I was gobsmacked to have learnt this morning, that Newham Labour party are holding in partnership with the Ed Miliband Campaign a meeting for new members hosted by Mayor, Sir Robin Wales and the MP for East Ham, Stephen Timms, and this event is taking place this Sunday. 

So it’s quite obvious then that Ed Miliband has the support of Sir Robin Wales and Stephen Timms, which in-itself says a great deal about Miliband Jnr.

Sir Robin, who regular visitors to this blog may know, runs the Labour administration which miss-runs Newham the Olympic Borough – one of the poorest areas in the country, his tenure of office was held-up and hailed by New Labour as a model of good local government; in fact it was the flagship most associated with Tony Blair and the last place he visited after standing down as Prime Minister,  thanking Sir Robin and Newham Labour Party members for their support over the years. So that confirms to me that whoever wins will simply continue to do the same old, same old!”

We received a comment to the recent blog posting about Arthur Scargill, and decided that that we should promote the information more prominently.

Just in case anyone is interested.

Public Meeting
Arthur Scargill
Ricky Tomlinson
Tuesday 7th September 2010. 
The Green Room
Duke Street
City Centre
L1 5AA   

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