Sunday, 26 September 2010

"The never-ending cycle of the seasons."

There is now a noticeable and obtrusive change in our weather and an upwind brings forth that new season known as autumn, when the leaves fall or descend gracefully from the trees after and during that spontaneous explosion of nature’s self-produced carnival of colour, as if this was a celebration of cycles end; "the never-ending cycle of the seasons."

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon picking up conkers that had fallen to the ground from a mighty tree along the Barking Road, Canning Town.

I don’t know as yet, what I will do with the conkers, probably string them and challenge someone to have a conker fight with me?”

As I compose this post looking out into the early evening night, light fading, and weakening fast in force of intensity as darkness descends; the shrubs, them low woody perennial plants dance in the wind majestically. Soon in a week or so the clocks go back, go forward, do you know; I don’t seem to remember?

Anyway what dose it mater for this post is the embodiment of jubilation, a feeling of extreme joy, for I feel that joyful occasion and happy event which is autumn. In fact I love every season of nature’s calendar, but best of all is the season of burning glory of rich vibrant, vigorous and animated colour!”

A comrade blogger has captured in photography, a hobby which she is extremely good at; the momentum and has carried it off with strength and a very real observation of this season that many sadly take for granted, or even a dislike too, shame that!”

You can view all her autumn photographs on her blog by clicking harpymarx.

Now have you noticed that I have not made any political statement in this post yet, over the years I have driven many a friend mad with my politics, something that I am not ashamed of, for it is passion that burns in my sole, for you, for me and for our sheared home mother earth, so my massage is simple – take care of this our planet, don’t let them capitalist greedy leaches destroy our home it’s the only one we have, for we are all the custodians and keepers of earth, it is not ours to destroy!”

Enjoy; "the never-ending cycle of the seasons."           

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