Monday, 20 September 2010

Lib Dems middle class irritating and ridiculous

Just a few words about Nick Clegg’s keynote address to his party conference and his faithful delegates assembled including the extras and duplicates shipped in to pack the hall out in Liverpool, making it look somewhat larger than the proverbial telephone kiosk, as that old joke went.

Well what can I say about it, not one which impressed really, then again only caught the opening lines before I got bored and uninterested. What I did notice though was that the conference set was a Tory blue, and that I’m sure would have impressed fellow bedbug Cameron. All these set pieces by the party leaders are all the same, a sort of performance rehearsed beforehand and delivered in that all too common staged managed now formalized but recognised mantra of a sacred text.

How naive of anyone to think that the Lib Dem membership would rebel or even barrack with cheers and shouts at their Leader now Deputy (dog) Prime Minister. These delegates are the better off in our society, they are involved in politics as some kind of pastime or hobby, and they  by and large want to be somebody’s in their localities, what I used to call middle class dickheads, (that’s a bit vulgar and offensive I know but think of the coming cuts) that’s irritating and ridiculous; because that’s what they are in the great scheme of things.

Well that’s my few lines…

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