Monday, 13 September 2010

Just not ‘interested’

Driving home with friends after a pleasant day in the lovely Peak District, the Matlock and Bakewell area in general, a conversation sparked-up which had developed about and around the Labour leadership; one of the companions in our car said; he was very surprised at the answer I had given him after he had asked me directly, as to who I imagined would win the Labour leadership. I had deliberately started and finished my part in the conversation as abruptly as possible; “I am not ‘interested’ had been my brusk and curt reply, it was not my intention to be rude to these friends, but was I to be allowed to get away with the reply and be left to listen to their analysis of this particular boring question; not at all, his wife was to enter the debate with the question, why not? “I thought you were a Labour supporter”, I was came my reply, I was, but we don't have a Labour Party any more, not one that I know, we have New Labour, and that to me is a new political party that cannot in any true sense be classed as true Labour.

As soon as clause four was removed from the constitution the game was over, the party started by worker's, had been infiltrated and destroyed from within, even the Iron Lady congratulated Tony Blair on him winning the premiership and just to rub the salt into the wounds of what was known as old Labour, she was invited back to number ten for tea and cake.

This true vindictive enemy of the working classes.

The defeat of the miner's was the start of the end, this reformation of the workers, or the slave class, started by her Margaret Thatcher and now here she was being invited back, after her own party had stabbed her in the back and got her out of there, what was this saying to the would-be brains (the political class) of Britain, of whom I blame for the state of the country, and what is worse, all those brains of Britain of the last fifteen to twenty years are still out there hanging on.

This latest episode in British politics the election of a new Leader of the Labour Party is heaven sent for the ruling class along with the Lib-Con coalition; so don't let us be dupe, we are heading towards a real bad time, and for the worse off , the worse things are going to get!” But I don't need to spell that out for we read and hear about it everyday!!"

Post by: Brian Hopper or In the Box

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