Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The breakdown of society?"

One of the discussion sites on the net that I like to visit and partake in the exchange of ideas is urban 75 Forum: UK politics, current affairs and news; you can join it here http://www.urban75.com/; you have to register before becoming a participant. Anyhow a quick visit this morning and I came across this thread: ‘Recession, people with not much to lose if jailed and rising crime.’

I thought that the first two posts gave a flavour of the time in which we live and the direction in which we are almost certainly heading towards. The inquiring and initiating poster called Mr Blob asked the following question:  ‘Aren't you worried about increased burglary, street robbery and white collar fraud as police numbers are cut by the coalition government and there is an increasing number of financially desperate people?’

When prison is no longer a deterrent as their money situation is so dire.

And then he received this reply from Spanky Longhorn; nice name!”

‘Up here in the North East people still talk about how in the eighties you couldn't hang you’re washing out in some areas as it would get stolen off the line.

I think we're heading for something worse than that, I expect in ten years time the lucky ones will be living in walled settlements around precious oil supplies fighting off rampaging tribes of bandits in beaten up old cars and methane powered gyrocopters.’

Well do you know what I’m thinking of that film in which Mel Gibson stared as Mad Max; which tells the story of the breakdown of society, murder, and vengeance?”

Is this the time to come - fuel stops flowing and the roads are all but desolate, as only a few vehicles are still able to run. Container ships from China stop pulling into port, grocery store trucks can’t deliver supplies and emergency services can’t answer desperate pleas for help. Governments fall apart as they fail to control an angry, hungry, rioting population which, after a long period of total anarchy, finally begins breaking into pockets. Civil wars arise over resources like clean water. Civilization in general returns to a simpler time when everyone was left to fend for themselves, depending on the land for survival?

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