Thursday, 26 August 2010

Trophy's of War

There was a time once, when it was common to hear someone, somewhere ‘explain’ that war was a punishment solemnly consecrated by a god on a sinful world, and it’s still common today to find and hear someone, somewhere explicate that war is a part of human nature.

When Socialists say that capitalism is the cause of the rivalries that lead to war in the modern world the answer is sometimes given that this cannot be true because wars took place before capitalism existed.

It is then necessary to recognise a distinction between what may in a general way called ‘economic’ causes of the past and the particular causes of wars that arise under capitalism.

Another suggested cause of war is said to be differences of religion and ideology. This view too is a mistaken one; it mistakes for a cause of war the propaganda used by statesmen to whip up support for it. So the question must arise why is it that governments exploit religion for making war and not for opposing war.

Well I was thinking down those lines the other day, when I read about the former Israeli soldier who posed for pictures with Palestinian detainees and posted them on her Facebook page and as more images emerged of Israeli service personnel posing alongside blindfolded detainees and dead bodies. Understandably the pictures have provoked a furious reaction from Palestinians, who compared them to images of US soldiers abusing of Iraqi prisoners in Baghdad in 2004.

Have a look at these disgusting pictures and tell me that war and conflict doesn't; especially armed conflict,  destroy our moral ( love thy neighbour) and social norms, making us do things we never thought we’d do in any other circumstances. It’s true about the IDF soldiers posing next to dead bodies; it’s true about Hamas militants posing with body parts of blown-up Israeli soldiers; it’s true of many atrocities committed by both parties, and in fact in all wars!”

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