Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Tony Blair and the ink-blood of millions...

Since he left the trappings of office Tony Blair has seldom been far-away from the news headlines, this says a great deal about this mass murderer and his egotistical shortcomings. The publication of his book written and further more, it has to be said in the ink-blood of millions, the proceeds of which are to be given over to the Royal British Legion making it the biggest personal donation ever received by this officer guided organisation which plays its part in exulting the horrors of war, and I make no apology for saying that despite the relief and support that it may deliver to the families of service personal. But please don’t take any notice of what I have to say, listen to the grieving families they have dismissed Blair’s donation as nothing more than a ‘PR stunt’ intended only to assuage his guilt over the blood spilled on the battlefield.

More than 500 British troops were killed in wars launched by Mr Blair during his time at No 10, including 179 in Iraq and 331 in Afghanistan.

Hundreds more have been wounded or suffered psychological scars, and that’s not to mention the innocent civilian citizens killed, maimed or mutilated, and dare I say it – yes I dare, killed unlawfully!”

If you have the change spare to buy the book, I suppose you could read it, but I know what I would do with it – burn it.

Just one other thing and that's Blair really does remind me of an older Damien from the film the Omen, and I wonder if he has the number of the beast on his head 666?"

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