Sunday, 22 August 2010

Miliband or Miliband - Two Little Boy's

It certainly reminds us of that song, ‘Two Little Boys,’ the race for the Labour Leadership that is, and whatever the outcome is, there will be room on that horse for two as the cavalry of odds and sods, that is today’s modern Labour Party elect a new leader.  

There is no doubt that a Miliband will be crowned with a laurel symbolizing victory and that New Labour will continue upon that path and itinerary which is now the established line of travel for this party that once represented the hopes, expectations, aspirations and interests of working people.

Just how the times have changed the Labour Party will be confirmed, if as expected David Miliband is coronated, invested with regal power and enthroned.

In the Sunday Telegraph, he Miliband has penned his own article of what he thinks under his leadership, should be the direction that the party takes to win power back. In doing so he offers a very scantly harvest analysis of why Labour lost the election. And in his own words:

“Labour lost in 2010 because its appeal collapsed across social classes. And the political coalition that in 1997 united all shades of opposition to the Conservatives - centre and centre-Left - broke down.”

Well could this be an insight into the thinking of the front runner carrying forth the banner of New Labour, the true successor to Blair, having bided his time now making his move to re-establish firmly the grip that his patron changed the Labour Party with, and that which is known as ‘The Third Way?”

In the blogosphere of political blogs there has been an intense debate going on between Socialists and Labour Party members in regard to this election, and there is very much a big difference between a minority of socialists who remain within the party and a majority who see being a member of the party as a past time, a hobby about winning elections to councils and parliament.

To get on in the Labour Party these days’s you have to be prepared to deliver leaflets, canvass or should I say solicit votes from potential voters in an electoral campaign, for which the modern party will provide training, meetings are not always held on a regular basis, and if you fit in and don’t complain then you have every chance of progressing and enjoying the limelight and trappings of even administrating locally capitalism as a councillor, and for those with real talent in talking through one's hat better known as bullshitting, well there is a career waiting in the House of Commons – but be warned don’t ever mention that ward, you know – Socialism…  

I will include two links the first to the Sunday Telegraph and the second to the Independent on Sunday which I've been taken part in an ongoing debate with others under this blogs name, it would be great if others did likewise!" However I've just noticed that the public posts have been taken down, they may come back in time, I did reasonably well and I think it a good idea to use other forums.    

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