Sunday, 29 August 2010

'the love of money is the root of all evil.'

Charles Bean, deputy governor of the Bank of England has warned a conference of world Central banks that more economic support amid a fragile global recovery, is required, here is that lovely word coming into play again, so-called quantitative easing - the pumping of new money into the economy.

Well, somebody going to run that by George Osborne, the Chancellor?”

I just can’t see him being up for that, and then on the other hand, if the economy of capitalism is in trouble and near to collapse they will do the necessary, just like their predecessors in New Labour.

The Treasury chief secretary, Danny Alexander, today ruled out a cut in the overall tax burden for up to five years. The Liberal Democrat minister irresponsible for cutting the £155bn deficit gave little hope of reducing the level of tax during this parliament. Alexander knows, that his brief in the Con/condemn government is to facilitate and work for capital - they spoke in a strange dialect (ruling class and aristocrats) about Britain being broken during the general election and now look at what they are doing: sticking the boot into everyone.

They sow the seeds of discontent and will reap a world-wind. I predict it's on the way!"

Capitalism is broken like never before and cannot be fixed - the economy, money that's all they talk of, what about community, what about  people.

Remember that biblical warning that 'the love of money is the root of all evil.'

George Osborne, the Chancellor, will seek to shift the focus this week from cuts to plans for growth. He is expected to announce that from 6 September all new companies outside London, the south-east and the east regions will be eligible for a "National Insurance holiday", exempting them from paying the first £5,000 of contributions on up to 10 employees for 12 months. This upper-class wealthy Toff, needs to think carefully about London, where unemployment has reached new heights, encouraging companies to relocate will compound a worsening situation.

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