Friday, 20 August 2010

It never rains but it pours!"

Rain, rain, and go away come again another day, I am sure we all know the short nursery rhyme we all as children would religiously use when we were told we could not go out to play as it was raining.

Well here on the east coast of Lincolnshire we have had rain for two days, rain all last night and still raining at this moment in time - Pennies from Haven.  The water authorities will be well pleased with themselves.

The larger picture is this beautiful planet we all share; has its problems, as we cannot help but see from the TV, radio, and newspapers.

China, and Pakistan, is going through catastrophic conditions which are the outcome of two much rain.  The long term results will be thousands of people dyeing, while in other regions people are dyeing through the lack of rain and safe drinking water.

Now we have the politicians rearing there heads asking all to donate monies, and that the twelve million already donated by the British public is inadequate. Ex- Prime Minister Gordon Brown is asking and applying for fifty million pounds, whilst the International Development Secretary is promising all monies donated will get to the people that need it, and so things are slowly getting through to all those at the top, the ones that are the most knowledgeable in how to rob, skim, claim for all kinds of expenses. That we are totally pissed off is an understatement towards those that have worked there way into a position of trust and privilege.

Day by day I see on the TV, All those poor soles struggling for survival, and my heart goes out to them through pity and sympathy, there but for the grace of god, they hang on the best they can. 

And for the first time ever I feel there is nothing I can do.

Boxing day 2004 the Haiti Tsunami, we all gave monies, and then August 2005 Hurricane Katrina, and New Orleans was in dire need, we all gave monies.

For the majority of us, we may feel that this is the only way we are able to help these people in there hour of need, charity to me (which is a doggy word when used in present society) means giving help to the needy, why does it need billions of pounds pouring in before anybody wants to do anything?”

Flood victims on Monday and Tuesday blocked highways to demand state help and show their opposition to the government of President Asif Ali Zardari. Tens of thousands of villages have been inundated and there is little sign of aid, either from the government or from the huge and heavily armed Pakistani military apparatus.

So what of charity and humanity then, money and capitalism get in the way all the time that is a fact, there is also mounting concern that contagious diseases like cholera will break out in the aftermath of the disaster, as tens of millions of people are compelled to drink contaminated water, since they are being provided no alternative.

A total of 62,000 square miles, one fifth of the entire land surface of Pakistan, is now under water. The economic damage is colossal. According to one account, rains destroyed 500,000 tons of wheat, ruined 300,000 acres of animal fodder, and killed 100,000 head of livestock. More than 1.5 million acres of crops have been damaged, including wheat, corn, cotton and sugar cane.

The major world powers are manoeuvring to advance their own economic, political and strategic interests, regardless of the consequences for the Pakistani people. The United States, Russia, China, the European Union and India, each in its own way, places the advancement of national interests far above the task of aiding tens of millions of people.

Post By: Brian Hopper or In the Box

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