Friday, 20 August 2010

The Impact Of Cuts In Newham

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that occasionally we like to make out, and as we often do, that we know what we are talking about; especially when it comes to the world of economics and corporate finance –well yes we do. We know that may come across as being arrogant; it’s not meant to be!”

But quite simply the solutions to all our problems would be the complete abolition of money; it really is that simple when you stop to think about it. However persuading and winning approval from our fellow workers is not. It’s as if they have shutters placed upon their eyes, that somehow prevents them seeing that the world could be run not only differently but probably more efficiently.

For socialists such as us this has proven to be a problem of great frustration, but understandable when you consider the extent that the state, and all over the world at that, will go too, to stack the cards in favour of capital, profit and greed. It’s as if the workers are brainwashed; and of course they are by using educational, media and on occasion shamelessly religion, one example would be when the church instructs its followers to vote a certain way or for a particular candidate as was the case with the late and very recently departed Jimmy Reid when the Catholic Church in the 1974 general election discouraged and encouraged by Labour, instructed its members to vote against Reid, who was a Communist. Now this is going off subject a bit, but I found an interesting article about Jimmy Reid which you can read Here.

I should also say, and so there is no confusion, that this blog is not anti-religion.

Whilst the world is in the grip of slavering capitalism there will always be problems with money such as this present crisis of capitalism which is showing no signs or perceptible indications that things are getting any better. In the US reports are circulating that its economy is on the brink of a new major catastrophe or near to the point of no return. There are 7,932 banks in the U.S. -- and 433 of them are in immediate danger of failing.

President Obama has his work cut out, and his enemies are rallying right now, they are sizing up their opportunities especially as now that Government debt will reach 62 percent of GDP by Sept. 30, or so the Congressional Budget Office predicts.  We think that the ruling class in the US are looking for government that can do the same as what the Com/Dems are doing over here, they even might like the way the ruling class as thorough Cameron and Clegg are starting to kick the working classes. August is now galloping towards the autumn, and in October the government will be telling us where the axe heads of cuts will come down, and upon whom.

Around the country movement is taking place to organise the defence of our services and welfare provision. For this attack upon the poorer communities; will be a deifying moment for all working people, and we urge people to now join or start building in your communities!”

The only way to defeat and stop this government – is outside of parliament – by the people.

I'm great-full to Random Blow for the following information:

Public Meeting - The Impact Of Cuts In Newham

The meeting will take place at 6.30pm on Wednesday 13 October at Durning Hall Community Centre in Forest Gate. We aim to begin the discussion by asking a simple question:

What impact will massive cuts make on the lives of people in Newham?
"There will be millions of pounds worth of cuts to local services and to investment. The chickens from the election of the Tory-Liberal Government are coming home to roost for people everywhere. 

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