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'The Curse of the Labour Party' ( Part 3)

I started to compose this finale post to the entitled literary and political argument: 'The Curse of the Labour Party' some two weeks ago now, and have had to put things on hold due to family commitments, that are ongoing, and may well prove to be for sometime to come. So let me just apologise for the length of time that it has taken to bring this to a conclusion and at the same time leave two links to Part 1 and 2 Here and Here, so that anyone wishing to recap may do so.

Truth be told; well, I'm getting fed-up and a wee-bit even depressed just thinking about the Labour Party, the subject under consideration, and all the wasted years spent by many including myself, harbouring, just holding to the erroneous mental illusion of which I only see too clearly now; that somehow the Labour Party could be the vehicle for change and bring about that much needed irretrievable and for everyone and evermore - the simple banishment of Capitalism!"

I have just read the flash election leaflet sent out by Ed Balls to Labour Party members as part of his bid to try and become it's next leader, not that if the reports that I've read are proven correct, he stands any real chance. However, a couple of interesting observations from this nonfictional prose are worth noting, for insistence, his  claim, or rather use of words and the statement of Defending our values and Fighting for fairness.

Words that run around and easily cultivated by some, but have no meaning, such as values and fairness - what exactly is meant as values and fairness within the Labour Party these days?  I'm just not quite sure?"

Ed Balls sees things like this: "We need a leader who is rooted in values of the  Labour, co-op and trade union movements -who understands that to win again we must be tough opposition, develop a credible and radical programme for government and root our politics in the communities we serve."

Balls or what?

I think so, he is not saying anything he means (are any of them) or let-alone even understands, in fact the whole extravaganza of this election is a big jocularity. That vituperates the British Labour Party as an elitist top heavy and downward bearing organisation. The third thread is the Labour Party; helping to hold together; the vast and very tatty fabric of British Capitalism. Think about it? The “third way" in politics?

Politics, now there's a word, quite frankly I hate it! And I hate it because it's about control and running the existing system of capitalism. I would not describe myself as a Politician, a Politico or anything other than a Socialist, with a very good idea for a better world. A better world that has to involve the majority on this planet having free access to the world larder, that abnegates the millions gathered at it's door the necessity's even still in some parts of the world where a bearish minimum is only aloud, and still the world holds an abundance, which is more than an adequate quantity or supply to feed, cloth, shelter and fix what it can for all in need, that's not asking for an intravenous injection is it!"

What encapsulates the Blair era and the "third way" was this statement he made:   

"What are the foreign policy principles that should guide us? First, we should remain the closest ally of the US, and as allies influence them to continue broadening their agenda... The price of British influence is not, as some would have it that we have, obediently, to do what the US asks... But the price of influence is that we do not leave the US to face the tricky issues alone"
Tony Blair, January 7, 2003.

The way in which parliament has been bypassed on missile defence is not new, but rather typical of the way in which defence matters are treated in the UK. It is problematic, however, for a government that came to power proclaiming its commitment to Freedom of Information to behave in this way was nothing but a disgrace. 

The Government could have won a vote on missile defence with its willing New Labour poodles, but it was unwilling even to try. Why? Because a debate on missile defence would have highlighted that, as with Iraq, Tony Blair and Geoff Hoon were in the uncomfortable position of being closer to the Conservative front bench than to their own party. And that explains very much the high esteem that members of all capitalist parties held Blair in, reflected in receiving an unprecedented standing ovation following his final speech at the Prime Minsters dispatch-box.

So as we move past in time the Premiership's of both Blair and Brown and stand upon the turf of the Con/Dems, we can see that the Labour Party has clearly become a much different party to that which began with the likes of Keir Hardie and the many others in the Labour movement.

There is nothing remotely socialist about the modern New Labour Party, and what little there was, was sucked-out leaving a party that now exists only to win elections and run capitalism. The 13 years of power witnessed Labour bully and trample upon those it once swore to defend and stand-up for, our community's are shot full of holes leaving social equivalence being hammered in the chasm of a bottomless pit. Oh and how these things will come to hurt and destabilise in the fullness of time. I will remember that under New Labour, society took a turn for the worst, violence became widespread, and the force applied in many areas of policy. What stands-out are the wars, its incompetence even in running the system; remember what Brown said about the City of London, nothing but phrase!

“I congratulate you on these remarkable achievements, an era that history will record as the beginning of a new golden age for the City of London ... I believe it will be said of this age, the first decades of the 21st century, that out of the greatest restructuring of the global economy, perhaps even greater than the industrial revolution, a new world order was created." 

Yep, that's it, makes you wonder?

Local government is not much better then, attracting meddling careerist types,  intent on furthering his or her career by any possible means and often at the expense of their own integrity, and with a Labour bureaucracy instructing along the way. Many disputes occur within Labour groups as power fights and differences breakout. I came across this about Kingsley Abrams, a veteran Labour councillor in the South London borough, who was first accused of leaking council papers to the local press back in January, a charge he continues to deny. The Lambeth Labour leader, Steve Reed, asked council legal officers to participate in a sting operation in March involving the interception of emails sent via Abrams' official Lambeth council email address. Abrams was sent false news that the chief executive of Lambeth Living - which manages council housing - had resigned, in the expectation that Abrams would forward this material to the local paper the South London Press. But the councillor duly forwarded the bogus notice to local Labour MP Kate Hoey and not to journalists. Despite this Abrams was suspended at a subsequent Lambeth Labour Party disciplinary hearing, held after May local elections where local residents voted in the left of centre councillor with an increased majority.

Now that's just one example of how the Labour Party in local government behaves, and I am sure that if I was to look for more, then I don't think we would be disappointed. And I couldn't possibly move on from this without mentioning one more example of what Labour has become in local government. In Newham my home Borough here in London we have an elected Mayor, and I have mentioned Sir Robin Wales on this blog before, he is the Mayor of one of the most deprived inner-city Boroughs in the United Kingdom, high unemployment, child poverty, rising crime and the Olympic Games, disfigure this part of the world that is known as part of the East End. However I just want to focus on the Mayor of Newham Sir Robin who having won re- election in May and then last month Sir Robin ensured that his salary would rise to more than £80,000. His pay is now 34 per cent more than the £58,500 he received when he was first directly elected in 2002 - and at a time when council staff face a two-year pay freeze and the loss of jobs… So that’s Labour for you then!”

History will record that New Labour followed in the footsteps of the Thatcher years. It was they, who introduced the carrot and the stick, and that stick is now in the hands of the real mean class enemy of all working people, and let’s make no mistake about it; the Con/Dems will use it.

In the time that lies ahead we will have to fight just to exist with any sort of dignity, in a world that hasn’t changed that much since the wasted conception of the Labour Party, if anything its worst than ever. 

“That’s life for you up to day down the rest of your life, but in the end we keep on trying to pull our selves up, sadly New labour or Labour will not do it, so what do we do, I've no idea.”

To that commenter I say never give up, reject the system of capitalism in its entireness!" 

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