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Are would-be racist murders roaming Canning Town?"

Time just to up-date on an earlier post of this week, and in regard to Newham Council and the Metropolitan Police attempt to harass residents of Canning Town. I was pleased that the Council Officer who put his name to a letter sent out threatening amongst other things eviction from council tenancies, read our post along with the London Olympic Committee, and that it caught the eye of some journalists.

Just goes to prove, what having and maintaining a blog can do!”

In an article published in this weeks Economist that I read it describes Canning Town like this:

“The average life expectancy in Westminster is 78 for men and 85 for women. In Canning Town, a poor area just eight stops east on the Jubilee line, it is 71 and 78 respectively. So for every stop the train makes, locals can expect to live nearly a year less. Glaswegian MPs can produce even starker facts about disparities in life expectancy between the richest and poorest bits of their city.”

Now I don’t want to spend my time depressing everyone that reads this blog, but the fact is that Canning Town is depressing, it’s very air has that smell of deprivation about it, you see it on the faces of the residents who try to go about their everyday business, of just about keeping ones head above water.

The Council have big plans for Canning Town and what they describe as its regeneration project which has been included in the last Government's Mixed Communities Initiatives, which aims to create neighbourhoods with a balanced mix of owned and rented accommodation.

They say that Canning Town and an adjoining ward Custom House, is a highly accessible location in London and that this £3.7billion project aims to transform the area physically, socially and economically with up to 10,000 new homes and two new improved town centres.

Well I have no idea whether the funding for such an elaborate and systematic plan of action has been secured or if the planed cuts in government spending will put the boot in to these plans, but what I do know is that hundreds of houses and council owned flats are being decanted and pulled down whilst thousands are in need of public housing. Some of those in need of housing live in Anchor House on the Barking Road, historically a hostel for seafarers visiting the ports of East London. However today Anchor House is a charity based run hostel in Canning Town that provides support to over 200 homeless and workless people each year to help them move on to employment and independent living, or so they say!” All part of the big plan to control and direct the homeless into being useful members of capitalist society, whilst at the same time charging exorbitant rents, as indeed many have told me. Although for the time being rents are covered by Housing Benefit and the many I’ve met say they have been living there for years without so much as a sniff of an offer of their own accommodation.

Hopefully by now, you are beginning to taste the ambience of this environment, for this is an area of London and like many parts of Britain has been let down by the governments of all the political parties of capitalism and New Labour included. To think that there is an estate named after Keir Hardie is mind blowing, when I think what that party which he stared is doing here today.

There is one other matter which I’ve decide to raise on this blog, something that if proven to be with foundation, and as yet I have found no confirmation, but it would be safe to say must be viewed as a horrific and unacceptable racist attack that should not go un-noticed, or swept underneath any carpet, and that the Council and the Police should be held to account.

Now I must reiterate and repeat that I have no confirmation, despite looking for any news on the Internet and asking others in positions of closeness to the authorities, whether they could provide verification, has met with failure so far.

On Thursday this week I was informed by a Polish friend, that he and his nine associates all from Eastern Europe, where attacked by a gang whilst they slept rough under the flyover that runs through Canning Town and is part of the A13. He told me that a gang poured petrol on their belongings and set them alight, that the fire and ambulance service were in attendance. I can not say if anyone was hurt, as his English was limited. I have found my friend always to be a man of integrity and have no reason to disbelieve him, plus he was much shaken and visibly scared when he was trying his best to explain this terrible experience.

If this has happened then we in the Labour Movement should now be very concerned, and the Council and the Police should be asked why they are spending public money and time on clamping down on so-called anti-social behaviour and yet would-be racist murders are allowed to attack welcome guests to Britain, who along with our own unemployed are trying to find work – which is not a crime – and it should not be tolerated!” 
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