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The Anti-Social Behaviour of the London Borough of Newham and the Metropolitan Police

It would not surprise me in the least, if the high-and-mighty powers that be were to introduce a new law that banished people from breaking wind in public places. Well why not – it could even be argued that such behaviour might be the cause of alarm and suffering to some poor unfortunate bystanders!”

Of course, I’m joking.

However the London Borough of Newham and the Metropolitan Police under such unpleasant circumstances, would indeed be hard pushed to detect and enforce such a bylaw if it were to be made part of its legislated responsibility, or rather should I say its role in society, the power the order to regulate the affairs and the behaviour of its resident members through and through control.

Now I have said and reported many times on this blog that the London Borough of Newham is one of and amongst the most deprived areas in the UK, and I will spell it out once again; high unemployment, deprivation and want.

Child poverty stands out like a sore thumb where I live, it may not be as extreme as in other parts of the world, but nevertheless it exists in Canning Town and in Britain supposedly the fifth richest nation in the world. To think that a child somewhere on the estate where I live is suffering because his or her parents are struggling to make ends meet is a thought that fills me with such pain, and when I stand on the Barking Road and look towards the Capitalist cannery of the great predominating and imposing reminder of wealth; that which is Canary Wharf  the hub and extension of London’s financial territorial dominion - then I’m filled with anger!” 

I think that I better explain that Canary Wharf is situated in Newham’s neighbouring Borough of Tower Hamlets - but still its shadow falls down the Barking Road and upon the poor residents of Canning Town. Whilst writing this post I discovered that working class residents in the vicinity of Canary Wharf and that which is known as the Isle of Dogs launched in 1995 a lawsuit against Canary Wharf Ltd for private nuisance because one of the towers caused interference with television signals. The residents lost the case – well surprise, surprise how money speaks and for those that have it!”
One other piece of useless information is that I was able to give evidence opposing the development of Canary Wharf to a public inquiry held in the 1980s. I argued that the land should have been used for public housing, and some thirty years on Tower Hamlets has thousands still languishing for years in the dungeon of the Council Housing Waiting List – Oh how that money speaks!”

And yes money certainly speaks, it can move mountains, destroy and pollute, maim and even kill; need I say more?”

Newham is the host Borough for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and I’m sure you will all know that by now, and for those of us who live in Newham we are reminded of that fact every day as we witness the changes under way; an Olympic site takes over the skyline, building work ongoing everywhere, property renovations, new builds, skyscrapers and penthouses fly up as if by magic. Money is poring into Newham, for there is money to be made out of this sport thing – sport?” I do often wonder what this has to do with sport, money that is. And silly me, money has everything to do with sport, and I for one know that the Olympics has more to do with the celebration, nay, worship of money than sport. The rush is now on, to be ready and completed in time for 2012, the clock is ticking. So you can imagine some parts of Newham look like a massive building site, transport, articulated Lorries are all over the place toodle-piping backwards and forwards and so on, but last week, I was informed by a community police officer that a young boy had been knocked-down by one such vehicle, in fact I witnessed the air ambulance take the child to the London Hospital. I have been told the child’s injuries were not life endangering. I’ve heard nothing more so I don’t know, just hope he’s OK?”

So as the groundwork progress on the Olympic site, the authorities have started to turn their attention to the wider borough in an attempt to start a whitewashing over of much that blights the lives of many, they are attempting to hide from view of the world the deep deprivation that lies not to far from the surface. Just pause for a moment and think that thousands of visitors from all over the world will be coming to Newham in addition to the world media and satellite TV beaming live converge in every corner of the globe, then Britain must and will be seen in the right light that reflects an acceptable image for British capitalism and their agents in government and local government. The call has gone out; start to clear the streets of undesirables, they the authorities are in affect rounding up what they consider to be vagrants, drunks and other undesirables and moving by force and threat those they wish to hide from view, not just in Newham but all over London as many a homeless person sleeping rough on the streets will give testimony too, and I will report further on their struggles in the months to come.

But just for now, I wish to take up the ongoing campaign by Newham Council and the Police to clear the streets of Canning Town of what they say is Anti-Social Behaviour of alleged street drinkers, an allegation that has no foundation whatsoever. Regular readers of this blog, both here and on Twitter may remember a post that I did about my friends who do drink or should I say enjoy having a drink together, and yes on the streets from time to time, what’s wrong with that, please someone tell me?”

Well the campaign has now taken a turn for the worst, with Newham Council in conjunction with the Police sending out this weekend letters threatening to take action including terminating council tenancies, which has been met with complete dismay and a determination not to be intimated by what we call a fascist like Mayor in the form of Sir Robin Wales and police officers who have been telling my friends that they are well behaved and have nothing to worry about, just how two faced is that community police officer Davis?”

We will heed no attention to Newham Council and stand steadfast; if they want a fight then they will do well to remember that Canning Town is still a tight knit community and we have much support.

I will continue to keep readers updated. 
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Chris H said...

Interesting and worrying post. Who are the council reminding of ending tenancies? Is it just a strong arm threat?

Does seem to be a portent of things to come though with the olympics.

Norbert said...

Hi Chris,

And Thanks!"

What this is, infect state endorsed bulling introduced by New Labour when they were running capitalism and being carried out by New Labours flagship local council under the leadership or should I say dictatorship of Sir Robin Wales.

How long they can keep picking on those down at the bottom and get away with it, must now be short lived, my feeling is the lid will blow soon.

I also think that we should now seriously look at the Olympics and the London Borough of Newham as a place to protest, especially during the games invite the homeless to set up tent city and so on!

This is the place to fight back, and I will be speaking to others about the possibility's soon.

Chris H said...

Block the Zil lanes as well, that'll get them hopping mad!

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