Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The great lie...

Thinking about Sundays post 'the love of money is the root of all evil'; has got me thinking more about the great lie, and of course you will probably be guessing - what’s that?"

Well what I'm referring to is the great lie being told to the working class people everywhere in the world; that there is a solution to the crisis of capitalism which is ripping through all the so-called great nations of the world. It sounds like this; 'when the upturn comes' or 'the best way to solve the credit crunch' or 'arguments about better regulation' for the banks are all knowing, consciously misanthropical (big word) diversions of all Politicians heading the attention of ordinary people away from reality of a total and catastrophic failure of the capitalist system.

"The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie - deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought."  John F. Kennedy

I came across that quotation, and it fits with my argument that capitalism can only survive and continue by making the most of lies and myths along with driving workers into the ground, and Kennedy would have known that as he was never a true friend of working people, despite the myth that has grown around the man since his death.

The left reformist fanciful and capricious idea, like a summer breeze, of making the bosses pay - is a cul-de-sac!”

Rapacious in-your-face greed deserves total contempt – but even stripping all their money away will not solve the crisis. It would be a start of course. But the profit making system of Western capitalism is Bankrupt.

It has to go – in its entirety!”

Only ending the monopoly capitalist rule of the planet will change anything. The sheer pant-wetting panic of the ruling class in October 2008, when the banks failed and the governments of the world were only hours away from closing down the cash machines told the true story.

Capitalism is a system of massive contradictions which can only bring the world eventually to complete collapse and disaster, in a sudden domino implosion. Only by what they call “quantitative easing” was the ruling class salvaged from utter financial chaos and the real terrifying fear of social and political unrest – which may have taken a more serous form of breakdown and revolt against their imposed social order, had it not been for the insane printing of money to flood the markets. But it cannot last for ever, for the underlining reality of capitalism is that its inbuilt contradictions’ will always bring it back to disastrous collapse and failure of markets.

To be continued…   
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Sunday, 29 August 2010

'the love of money is the root of all evil.'

Charles Bean, deputy governor of the Bank of England has warned a conference of world Central banks that more economic support amid a fragile global recovery, is required, here is that lovely word coming into play again, so-called quantitative easing - the pumping of new money into the economy.

Well, somebody going to run that by George Osborne, the Chancellor?”

I just can’t see him being up for that, and then on the other hand, if the economy of capitalism is in trouble and near to collapse they will do the necessary, just like their predecessors in New Labour.

The Treasury chief secretary, Danny Alexander, today ruled out a cut in the overall tax burden for up to five years. The Liberal Democrat minister irresponsible for cutting the £155bn deficit gave little hope of reducing the level of tax during this parliament. Alexander knows, that his brief in the Con/condemn government is to facilitate and work for capital - they spoke in a strange dialect (ruling class and aristocrats) about Britain being broken during the general election and now look at what they are doing: sticking the boot into everyone.

They sow the seeds of discontent and will reap a world-wind. I predict it's on the way!"

Capitalism is broken like never before and cannot be fixed - the economy, money that's all they talk of, what about community, what about  people.

Remember that biblical warning that 'the love of money is the root of all evil.'

George Osborne, the Chancellor, will seek to shift the focus this week from cuts to plans for growth. He is expected to announce that from 6 September all new companies outside London, the south-east and the east regions will be eligible for a "National Insurance holiday", exempting them from paying the first £5,000 of contributions on up to 10 employees for 12 months. This upper-class wealthy Toff, needs to think carefully about London, where unemployment has reached new heights, encouraging companies to relocate will compound a worsening situation.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Not the way to treat the King!"

During the last couple of days the media or rather I should I say our gutter press, here in Britain have been running a story on former miners leader Arthur Scargill, and about an attempt to expel him and others from the National Union of Mineworkers, which he led with loyalty and distinction for nineteen years (1981 to 2000), and of course throughout that great epic year-long miners’ strike of 1984-85.

The news that the National Union of Mineworkers has moved to deprive Arthur Scargill of full membership is an absolute disgrace. That an external dispute in a body with fewer than 2,000 paying members could trigger national headlines is testament to comrade Scargill’s staying power and his image as a class warrior and hate figure of the right.

I will not go in to the press details of the dispute, as these cannot be seen as reliably dependent, given the past hatred of the man and handed out by the media. I do not think that this comrade should be treated in this way, and have been defending him on a discussion thread run by the Independent Newspaper and following an article they published which can be viewed here. The piece underneath is one of my postings in reply to another commenter, and I thought it would be a good idea to reproduce it on the blog.

Not the way to treat the King!" 

Thank-you; for being a reasonable and an amenable contributor to this thread, and I for one very much appreciate that approach even when there are disagreements. Working people need more than ever to learn that to win, it is only possible to do so without firing-up conflict amongst ourselves - there's plenty of that in life's complexities and unavoidably in the on-going class struggle of which the 1994/95 miners strike was a historical part.

The many factors that come to mind for me, in the build up to the miners strike of that time, and are as follows: A shameful history of appalling exploitation, and let us not forget, of private ownership of the mines, nor can we dismiss the fact miners and there families were starved, locked-out killed and maimed in what has always been regarded as a very dangerous occupation, indeed I'm reminded of that when I see the reports of the Chilean miners who are currently trapped underground. And let us not forget the innocent children of Ynysowen Primary School, Aberfan - God bless their souls!"

I will not itemise the many horrific British mining disasters, but our miners really did pay the price and with their lives, which without them, their would have been no industrial revolution which made this country the workshop of the world, and put the Great into Britain. Now without going into a history lesson, the injustice of the system has seen these men locked-out as in 1926, or shot and killed by government troops, and yet people still bellyache about the violence of the picket-lines some 25 years on, and wrongly blame the miners - anyone would like to disagree, then come-on - bring it on!"

Thatcher was never going to compromise, she installed MacGregor for one reason and one reason only - confrontation. Breaking the line of defence for all working people, the Trade Union Movement, and in order that the Boss class could maximise their bloodsucking profits, earned on the backs of all working people.

Did Thatcher win?" Or more importantly did the world for the British working class change for the worst when our miners went back to work heads held high?"

Scargill the man has always advocated solidarity with other workers, one example was the tremendous support he gave to the Grunwick strikers and their brave stand in the 1970s. Yes he has always had our (working class) interests at hart, and of that I'm in no doubt. "Heritage" is taken to mean the battles of great men (and a few women) of the ruling class, not those fighting for justice against them.

The Miners are a part of our real Heritage, and lets remember that when we are forced to face a government that will attempt to make every man, women and child pay for the crisis of capitalism.
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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Trophy's of War

There was a time once, when it was common to hear someone, somewhere ‘explain’ that war was a punishment solemnly consecrated by a god on a sinful world, and it’s still common today to find and hear someone, somewhere explicate that war is a part of human nature.

When Socialists say that capitalism is the cause of the rivalries that lead to war in the modern world the answer is sometimes given that this cannot be true because wars took place before capitalism existed.

It is then necessary to recognise a distinction between what may in a general way called ‘economic’ causes of the past and the particular causes of wars that arise under capitalism.

Another suggested cause of war is said to be differences of religion and ideology. This view too is a mistaken one; it mistakes for a cause of war the propaganda used by statesmen to whip up support for it. So the question must arise why is it that governments exploit religion for making war and not for opposing war.

Well I was thinking down those lines the other day, when I read about the former Israeli soldier who posed for pictures with Palestinian detainees and posted them on her Facebook page and as more images emerged of Israeli service personnel posing alongside blindfolded detainees and dead bodies. Understandably the pictures have provoked a furious reaction from Palestinians, who compared them to images of US soldiers abusing of Iraqi prisoners in Baghdad in 2004.

Have a look at these disgusting pictures and tell me that war and conflict doesn't; especially armed conflict,  destroy our moral ( love thy neighbour) and social norms, making us do things we never thought we’d do in any other circumstances. It’s true about the IDF soldiers posing next to dead bodies; it’s true about Hamas militants posing with body parts of blown-up Israeli soldiers; it’s true of many atrocities committed by both parties, and in fact in all wars!”

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Email Fraud!"

This is a polite notice to inform readers of The Socialist Way that an email account associated with this blog has been hacked into; and you may have received an email begging for money; this is a fraudulent, deceitful deception which you should ignore - we apologise for any inconvenience this may have given rise to; and have discontinued using hot-mail as we now consider that installation to be very unsafe. Once more please accept our apologies!"

Yours For Socialism

The Socialist Way

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Miliband or Miliband - Two Little Boy's

It certainly reminds us of that song, ‘Two Little Boys,’ the race for the Labour Leadership that is, and whatever the outcome is, there will be room on that horse for two as the cavalry of odds and sods, that is today’s modern Labour Party elect a new leader.  

There is no doubt that a Miliband will be crowned with a laurel symbolizing victory and that New Labour will continue upon that path and itinerary which is now the established line of travel for this party that once represented the hopes, expectations, aspirations and interests of working people.

Just how the times have changed the Labour Party will be confirmed, if as expected David Miliband is coronated, invested with regal power and enthroned.

In the Sunday Telegraph, he Miliband has penned his own article of what he thinks under his leadership, should be the direction that the party takes to win power back. In doing so he offers a very scantly harvest analysis of why Labour lost the election. And in his own words:

“Labour lost in 2010 because its appeal collapsed across social classes. And the political coalition that in 1997 united all shades of opposition to the Conservatives - centre and centre-Left - broke down.”

Well could this be an insight into the thinking of the front runner carrying forth the banner of New Labour, the true successor to Blair, having bided his time now making his move to re-establish firmly the grip that his patron changed the Labour Party with, and that which is known as ‘The Third Way?”

In the blogosphere of political blogs there has been an intense debate going on between Socialists and Labour Party members in regard to this election, and there is very much a big difference between a minority of socialists who remain within the party and a majority who see being a member of the party as a past time, a hobby about winning elections to councils and parliament.

To get on in the Labour Party these days’s you have to be prepared to deliver leaflets, canvass or should I say solicit votes from potential voters in an electoral campaign, for which the modern party will provide training, meetings are not always held on a regular basis, and if you fit in and don’t complain then you have every chance of progressing and enjoying the limelight and trappings of even administrating locally capitalism as a councillor, and for those with real talent in talking through one's hat better known as bullshitting, well there is a career waiting in the House of Commons – but be warned don’t ever mention that ward, you know – Socialism…  

I will include two links the first to the Sunday Telegraph and the second to the Independent on Sunday which I've been taken part in an ongoing debate with others under this blogs name, it would be great if others did likewise!" However I've just noticed that the public posts have been taken down, they may come back in time, I did reasonably well and I think it a good idea to use other forums.    

Telegraph & Independent

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Are would-be racist murders roaming Canning Town?"

Time just to up-date on an earlier post of this week, and in regard to Newham Council and the Metropolitan Police attempt to harass residents of Canning Town. I was pleased that the Council Officer who put his name to a letter sent out threatening amongst other things eviction from council tenancies, read our post along with the London Olympic Committee, and that it caught the eye of some journalists.

Just goes to prove, what having and maintaining a blog can do!”

In an article published in this weeks Economist that I read it describes Canning Town like this:

“The average life expectancy in Westminster is 78 for men and 85 for women. In Canning Town, a poor area just eight stops east on the Jubilee line, it is 71 and 78 respectively. So for every stop the train makes, locals can expect to live nearly a year less. Glaswegian MPs can produce even starker facts about disparities in life expectancy between the richest and poorest bits of their city.”

Now I don’t want to spend my time depressing everyone that reads this blog, but the fact is that Canning Town is depressing, it’s very air has that smell of deprivation about it, you see it on the faces of the residents who try to go about their everyday business, of just about keeping ones head above water.

The Council have big plans for Canning Town and what they describe as its regeneration project which has been included in the last Government's Mixed Communities Initiatives, which aims to create neighbourhoods with a balanced mix of owned and rented accommodation.

They say that Canning Town and an adjoining ward Custom House, is a highly accessible location in London and that this £3.7billion project aims to transform the area physically, socially and economically with up to 10,000 new homes and two new improved town centres.

Well I have no idea whether the funding for such an elaborate and systematic plan of action has been secured or if the planed cuts in government spending will put the boot in to these plans, but what I do know is that hundreds of houses and council owned flats are being decanted and pulled down whilst thousands are in need of public housing. Some of those in need of housing live in Anchor House on the Barking Road, historically a hostel for seafarers visiting the ports of East London. However today Anchor House is a charity based run hostel in Canning Town that provides support to over 200 homeless and workless people each year to help them move on to employment and independent living, or so they say!” All part of the big plan to control and direct the homeless into being useful members of capitalist society, whilst at the same time charging exorbitant rents, as indeed many have told me. Although for the time being rents are covered by Housing Benefit and the many I’ve met say they have been living there for years without so much as a sniff of an offer of their own accommodation.

Hopefully by now, you are beginning to taste the ambience of this environment, for this is an area of London and like many parts of Britain has been let down by the governments of all the political parties of capitalism and New Labour included. To think that there is an estate named after Keir Hardie is mind blowing, when I think what that party which he stared is doing here today.

There is one other matter which I’ve decide to raise on this blog, something that if proven to be with foundation, and as yet I have found no confirmation, but it would be safe to say must be viewed as a horrific and unacceptable racist attack that should not go un-noticed, or swept underneath any carpet, and that the Council and the Police should be held to account.

Now I must reiterate and repeat that I have no confirmation, despite looking for any news on the Internet and asking others in positions of closeness to the authorities, whether they could provide verification, has met with failure so far.

On Thursday this week I was informed by a Polish friend, that he and his nine associates all from Eastern Europe, where attacked by a gang whilst they slept rough under the flyover that runs through Canning Town and is part of the A13. He told me that a gang poured petrol on their belongings and set them alight, that the fire and ambulance service were in attendance. I can not say if anyone was hurt, as his English was limited. I have found my friend always to be a man of integrity and have no reason to disbelieve him, plus he was much shaken and visibly scared when he was trying his best to explain this terrible experience.

If this has happened then we in the Labour Movement should now be very concerned, and the Council and the Police should be asked why they are spending public money and time on clamping down on so-called anti-social behaviour and yet would-be racist murders are allowed to attack welcome guests to Britain, who along with our own unemployed are trying to find work – which is not a crime – and it should not be tolerated!” 
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Plenty of money for war and the banks but nothing for 20 million Pakistanis impacted by the floods.

Pakistan’s floods as reported by Brian Hopper’s post on this blog yesterday, are wrecking havoc over the beleaguered country. Over 1,600 are dead and more than 2 million are homeless. The UN says that 20 million people have been affected by waters that have covered 1/5th of Pakistan’s landmass, more than the Asian Tsunami. 

Speaking at the UN on Thursday, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton informed them that the US would contribute an additional $60 million in aid to Pakistan, bringing its total to more than $150 million, of which about $92 million would go to the UN. In calling for other nations to do more, she declared: “I realise that many countries, including my own, are facing tough economic conditions and very tight budgets … But we must answer the Pakistani request for help.”

Washington’s aid effort, however, is not prompted by concern for the estimated 20 million Pakistanis impacted by the floods. Rather the Obama administration is driven by the need to prop up the Pakistani government of President Asif Ali Zardari, on which the US relies to wage a proxy war on Islamist insurgents in areas bordering Afghanistan. US officials have warned that organisations sympathetic to the Islamist fighters might gain in influence as a result of government and international inaction on the floods.

As for “very tight budgets”, the Obama administration’s offer of aid is a total irrelevance and pittance compared to the trillions of dollars spent to fund the bailouts of US banks, financial institutions and corporations during 2008-09. In fact, the White House is implementing austerity measures against working people in the US and provides limited aid to Pakistani flood victims precisely because it has taken massive corporate bad debts onto the government’s books. At the same time, Obama can find tens of billions of dollars to escalate the US-led war in Afghanistan. Who said that Obama was a Socialist?”

Friday, 20 August 2010

It never rains but it pours!"

Rain, rain, and go away come again another day, I am sure we all know the short nursery rhyme we all as children would religiously use when we were told we could not go out to play as it was raining.

Well here on the east coast of Lincolnshire we have had rain for two days, rain all last night and still raining at this moment in time - Pennies from Haven.  The water authorities will be well pleased with themselves.

The larger picture is this beautiful planet we all share; has its problems, as we cannot help but see from the TV, radio, and newspapers.

China, and Pakistan, is going through catastrophic conditions which are the outcome of two much rain.  The long term results will be thousands of people dyeing, while in other regions people are dyeing through the lack of rain and safe drinking water.

Now we have the politicians rearing there heads asking all to donate monies, and that the twelve million already donated by the British public is inadequate. Ex- Prime Minister Gordon Brown is asking and applying for fifty million pounds, whilst the International Development Secretary is promising all monies donated will get to the people that need it, and so things are slowly getting through to all those at the top, the ones that are the most knowledgeable in how to rob, skim, claim for all kinds of expenses. That we are totally pissed off is an understatement towards those that have worked there way into a position of trust and privilege.

Day by day I see on the TV, All those poor soles struggling for survival, and my heart goes out to them through pity and sympathy, there but for the grace of god, they hang on the best they can. 

And for the first time ever I feel there is nothing I can do.

Boxing day 2004 the Haiti Tsunami, we all gave monies, and then August 2005 Hurricane Katrina, and New Orleans was in dire need, we all gave monies.

For the majority of us, we may feel that this is the only way we are able to help these people in there hour of need, charity to me (which is a doggy word when used in present society) means giving help to the needy, why does it need billions of pounds pouring in before anybody wants to do anything?”

Flood victims on Monday and Tuesday blocked highways to demand state help and show their opposition to the government of President Asif Ali Zardari. Tens of thousands of villages have been inundated and there is little sign of aid, either from the government or from the huge and heavily armed Pakistani military apparatus.

So what of charity and humanity then, money and capitalism get in the way all the time that is a fact, there is also mounting concern that contagious diseases like cholera will break out in the aftermath of the disaster, as tens of millions of people are compelled to drink contaminated water, since they are being provided no alternative.

A total of 62,000 square miles, one fifth of the entire land surface of Pakistan, is now under water. The economic damage is colossal. According to one account, rains destroyed 500,000 tons of wheat, ruined 300,000 acres of animal fodder, and killed 100,000 head of livestock. More than 1.5 million acres of crops have been damaged, including wheat, corn, cotton and sugar cane.

The major world powers are manoeuvring to advance their own economic, political and strategic interests, regardless of the consequences for the Pakistani people. The United States, Russia, China, the European Union and India, each in its own way, places the advancement of national interests far above the task of aiding tens of millions of people.

Post By: Brian Hopper or In the Box

The Impact Of Cuts In Newham

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that occasionally we like to make out, and as we often do, that we know what we are talking about; especially when it comes to the world of economics and corporate finance –well yes we do. We know that may come across as being arrogant; it’s not meant to be!”

But quite simply the solutions to all our problems would be the complete abolition of money; it really is that simple when you stop to think about it. However persuading and winning approval from our fellow workers is not. It’s as if they have shutters placed upon their eyes, that somehow prevents them seeing that the world could be run not only differently but probably more efficiently.

For socialists such as us this has proven to be a problem of great frustration, but understandable when you consider the extent that the state, and all over the world at that, will go too, to stack the cards in favour of capital, profit and greed. It’s as if the workers are brainwashed; and of course they are by using educational, media and on occasion shamelessly religion, one example would be when the church instructs its followers to vote a certain way or for a particular candidate as was the case with the late and very recently departed Jimmy Reid when the Catholic Church in the 1974 general election discouraged and encouraged by Labour, instructed its members to vote against Reid, who was a Communist. Now this is going off subject a bit, but I found an interesting article about Jimmy Reid which you can read Here.

I should also say, and so there is no confusion, that this blog is not anti-religion.

Whilst the world is in the grip of slavering capitalism there will always be problems with money such as this present crisis of capitalism which is showing no signs or perceptible indications that things are getting any better. In the US reports are circulating that its economy is on the brink of a new major catastrophe or near to the point of no return. There are 7,932 banks in the U.S. -- and 433 of them are in immediate danger of failing.

President Obama has his work cut out, and his enemies are rallying right now, they are sizing up their opportunities especially as now that Government debt will reach 62 percent of GDP by Sept. 30, or so the Congressional Budget Office predicts.  We think that the ruling class in the US are looking for government that can do the same as what the Com/Dems are doing over here, they even might like the way the ruling class as thorough Cameron and Clegg are starting to kick the working classes. August is now galloping towards the autumn, and in October the government will be telling us where the axe heads of cuts will come down, and upon whom.

Around the country movement is taking place to organise the defence of our services and welfare provision. For this attack upon the poorer communities; will be a deifying moment for all working people, and we urge people to now join or start building in your communities!”

The only way to defeat and stop this government – is outside of parliament – by the people.

I'm great-full to Random Blow for the following information:

Public Meeting - The Impact Of Cuts In Newham

The meeting will take place at 6.30pm on Wednesday 13 October at Durning Hall Community Centre in Forest Gate. We aim to begin the discussion by asking a simple question:

What impact will massive cuts make on the lives of people in Newham?
"There will be millions of pounds worth of cuts to local services and to investment. The chickens from the election of the Tory-Liberal Government are coming home to roost for people everywhere. 

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Tony Blair and the ink-blood of millions...

Since he left the trappings of office Tony Blair has seldom been far-away from the news headlines, this says a great deal about this mass murderer and his egotistical shortcomings. The publication of his book written and further more, it has to be said in the ink-blood of millions, the proceeds of which are to be given over to the Royal British Legion making it the biggest personal donation ever received by this officer guided organisation which plays its part in exulting the horrors of war, and I make no apology for saying that despite the relief and support that it may deliver to the families of service personal. But please don’t take any notice of what I have to say, listen to the grieving families they have dismissed Blair’s donation as nothing more than a ‘PR stunt’ intended only to assuage his guilt over the blood spilled on the battlefield.

More than 500 British troops were killed in wars launched by Mr Blair during his time at No 10, including 179 in Iraq and 331 in Afghanistan.

Hundreds more have been wounded or suffered psychological scars, and that’s not to mention the innocent civilian citizens killed, maimed or mutilated, and dare I say it – yes I dare, killed unlawfully!”

If you have the change spare to buy the book, I suppose you could read it, but I know what I would do with it – burn it.

Just one other thing and that's Blair really does remind me of an older Damien from the film the Omen, and I wonder if he has the number of the beast on his head 666?"

Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Anti-Social Behaviour of the London Borough of Newham and the Metropolitan Police

It would not surprise me in the least, if the high-and-mighty powers that be were to introduce a new law that banished people from breaking wind in public places. Well why not – it could even be argued that such behaviour might be the cause of alarm and suffering to some poor unfortunate bystanders!”

Of course, I’m joking.

However the London Borough of Newham and the Metropolitan Police under such unpleasant circumstances, would indeed be hard pushed to detect and enforce such a bylaw if it were to be made part of its legislated responsibility, or rather should I say its role in society, the power the order to regulate the affairs and the behaviour of its resident members through and through control.

Now I have said and reported many times on this blog that the London Borough of Newham is one of and amongst the most deprived areas in the UK, and I will spell it out once again; high unemployment, deprivation and want.

Child poverty stands out like a sore thumb where I live, it may not be as extreme as in other parts of the world, but nevertheless it exists in Canning Town and in Britain supposedly the fifth richest nation in the world. To think that a child somewhere on the estate where I live is suffering because his or her parents are struggling to make ends meet is a thought that fills me with such pain, and when I stand on the Barking Road and look towards the Capitalist cannery of the great predominating and imposing reminder of wealth; that which is Canary Wharf  the hub and extension of London’s financial territorial dominion - then I’m filled with anger!” 

I think that I better explain that Canary Wharf is situated in Newham’s neighbouring Borough of Tower Hamlets - but still its shadow falls down the Barking Road and upon the poor residents of Canning Town. Whilst writing this post I discovered that working class residents in the vicinity of Canary Wharf and that which is known as the Isle of Dogs launched in 1995 a lawsuit against Canary Wharf Ltd for private nuisance because one of the towers caused interference with television signals. The residents lost the case – well surprise, surprise how money speaks and for those that have it!”
One other piece of useless information is that I was able to give evidence opposing the development of Canary Wharf to a public inquiry held in the 1980s. I argued that the land should have been used for public housing, and some thirty years on Tower Hamlets has thousands still languishing for years in the dungeon of the Council Housing Waiting List – Oh how that money speaks!”

And yes money certainly speaks, it can move mountains, destroy and pollute, maim and even kill; need I say more?”

Newham is the host Borough for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and I’m sure you will all know that by now, and for those of us who live in Newham we are reminded of that fact every day as we witness the changes under way; an Olympic site takes over the skyline, building work ongoing everywhere, property renovations, new builds, skyscrapers and penthouses fly up as if by magic. Money is poring into Newham, for there is money to be made out of this sport thing – sport?” I do often wonder what this has to do with sport, money that is. And silly me, money has everything to do with sport, and I for one know that the Olympics has more to do with the celebration, nay, worship of money than sport. The rush is now on, to be ready and completed in time for 2012, the clock is ticking. So you can imagine some parts of Newham look like a massive building site, transport, articulated Lorries are all over the place toodle-piping backwards and forwards and so on, but last week, I was informed by a community police officer that a young boy had been knocked-down by one such vehicle, in fact I witnessed the air ambulance take the child to the London Hospital. I have been told the child’s injuries were not life endangering. I’ve heard nothing more so I don’t know, just hope he’s OK?”

So as the groundwork progress on the Olympic site, the authorities have started to turn their attention to the wider borough in an attempt to start a whitewashing over of much that blights the lives of many, they are attempting to hide from view of the world the deep deprivation that lies not to far from the surface. Just pause for a moment and think that thousands of visitors from all over the world will be coming to Newham in addition to the world media and satellite TV beaming live converge in every corner of the globe, then Britain must and will be seen in the right light that reflects an acceptable image for British capitalism and their agents in government and local government. The call has gone out; start to clear the streets of undesirables, they the authorities are in affect rounding up what they consider to be vagrants, drunks and other undesirables and moving by force and threat those they wish to hide from view, not just in Newham but all over London as many a homeless person sleeping rough on the streets will give testimony too, and I will report further on their struggles in the months to come.

But just for now, I wish to take up the ongoing campaign by Newham Council and the Police to clear the streets of Canning Town of what they say is Anti-Social Behaviour of alleged street drinkers, an allegation that has no foundation whatsoever. Regular readers of this blog, both here and on Twitter may remember a post that I did about my friends who do drink or should I say enjoy having a drink together, and yes on the streets from time to time, what’s wrong with that, please someone tell me?”

Well the campaign has now taken a turn for the worst, with Newham Council in conjunction with the Police sending out this weekend letters threatening to take action including terminating council tenancies, which has been met with complete dismay and a determination not to be intimated by what we call a fascist like Mayor in the form of Sir Robin Wales and police officers who have been telling my friends that they are well behaved and have nothing to worry about, just how two faced is that community police officer Davis?”

We will heed no attention to Newham Council and stand steadfast; if they want a fight then they will do well to remember that Canning Town is still a tight knit community and we have much support.

I will continue to keep readers updated. 
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Friday, 13 August 2010

'The Curse of the Labour Party' ( Part 3)

I started to compose this finale post to the entitled literary and political argument: 'The Curse of the Labour Party' some two weeks ago now, and have had to put things on hold due to family commitments, that are ongoing, and may well prove to be for sometime to come. So let me just apologise for the length of time that it has taken to bring this to a conclusion and at the same time leave two links to Part 1 and 2 Here and Here, so that anyone wishing to recap may do so.

Truth be told; well, I'm getting fed-up and a wee-bit even depressed just thinking about the Labour Party, the subject under consideration, and all the wasted years spent by many including myself, harbouring, just holding to the erroneous mental illusion of which I only see too clearly now; that somehow the Labour Party could be the vehicle for change and bring about that much needed irretrievable and for everyone and evermore - the simple banishment of Capitalism!"

I have just read the flash election leaflet sent out by Ed Balls to Labour Party members as part of his bid to try and become it's next leader, not that if the reports that I've read are proven correct, he stands any real chance. However, a couple of interesting observations from this nonfictional prose are worth noting, for insistence, his  claim, or rather use of words and the statement of Defending our values and Fighting for fairness.

Words that run around and easily cultivated by some, but have no meaning, such as values and fairness - what exactly is meant as values and fairness within the Labour Party these days?  I'm just not quite sure?"

Ed Balls sees things like this: "We need a leader who is rooted in values of the  Labour, co-op and trade union movements -who understands that to win again we must be tough opposition, develop a credible and radical programme for government and root our politics in the communities we serve."

Balls or what?

I think so, he is not saying anything he means (are any of them) or let-alone even understands, in fact the whole extravaganza of this election is a big jocularity. That vituperates the British Labour Party as an elitist top heavy and downward bearing organisation. The third thread is the Labour Party; helping to hold together; the vast and very tatty fabric of British Capitalism. Think about it? The “third way" in politics?

Politics, now there's a word, quite frankly I hate it! And I hate it because it's about control and running the existing system of capitalism. I would not describe myself as a Politician, a Politico or anything other than a Socialist, with a very good idea for a better world. A better world that has to involve the majority on this planet having free access to the world larder, that abnegates the millions gathered at it's door the necessity's even still in some parts of the world where a bearish minimum is only aloud, and still the world holds an abundance, which is more than an adequate quantity or supply to feed, cloth, shelter and fix what it can for all in need, that's not asking for an intravenous injection is it!"

What encapsulates the Blair era and the "third way" was this statement he made:   

"What are the foreign policy principles that should guide us? First, we should remain the closest ally of the US, and as allies influence them to continue broadening their agenda... The price of British influence is not, as some would have it that we have, obediently, to do what the US asks... But the price of influence is that we do not leave the US to face the tricky issues alone"
Tony Blair, January 7, 2003.

The way in which parliament has been bypassed on missile defence is not new, but rather typical of the way in which defence matters are treated in the UK. It is problematic, however, for a government that came to power proclaiming its commitment to Freedom of Information to behave in this way was nothing but a disgrace. 

The Government could have won a vote on missile defence with its willing New Labour poodles, but it was unwilling even to try. Why? Because a debate on missile defence would have highlighted that, as with Iraq, Tony Blair and Geoff Hoon were in the uncomfortable position of being closer to the Conservative front bench than to their own party. And that explains very much the high esteem that members of all capitalist parties held Blair in, reflected in receiving an unprecedented standing ovation following his final speech at the Prime Minsters dispatch-box.

So as we move past in time the Premiership's of both Blair and Brown and stand upon the turf of the Con/Dems, we can see that the Labour Party has clearly become a much different party to that which began with the likes of Keir Hardie and the many others in the Labour movement.

There is nothing remotely socialist about the modern New Labour Party, and what little there was, was sucked-out leaving a party that now exists only to win elections and run capitalism. The 13 years of power witnessed Labour bully and trample upon those it once swore to defend and stand-up for, our community's are shot full of holes leaving social equivalence being hammered in the chasm of a bottomless pit. Oh and how these things will come to hurt and destabilise in the fullness of time. I will remember that under New Labour, society took a turn for the worst, violence became widespread, and the force applied in many areas of policy. What stands-out are the wars, its incompetence even in running the system; remember what Brown said about the City of London, nothing but phrase!

“I congratulate you on these remarkable achievements, an era that history will record as the beginning of a new golden age for the City of London ... I believe it will be said of this age, the first decades of the 21st century, that out of the greatest restructuring of the global economy, perhaps even greater than the industrial revolution, a new world order was created." 

Yep, that's it, makes you wonder?

Local government is not much better then, attracting meddling careerist types,  intent on furthering his or her career by any possible means and often at the expense of their own integrity, and with a Labour bureaucracy instructing along the way. Many disputes occur within Labour groups as power fights and differences breakout. I came across this about Kingsley Abrams, a veteran Labour councillor in the South London borough, who was first accused of leaking council papers to the local press back in January, a charge he continues to deny. The Lambeth Labour leader, Steve Reed, asked council legal officers to participate in a sting operation in March involving the interception of emails sent via Abrams' official Lambeth council email address. Abrams was sent false news that the chief executive of Lambeth Living - which manages council housing - had resigned, in the expectation that Abrams would forward this material to the local paper the South London Press. But the councillor duly forwarded the bogus notice to local Labour MP Kate Hoey and not to journalists. Despite this Abrams was suspended at a subsequent Lambeth Labour Party disciplinary hearing, held after May local elections where local residents voted in the left of centre councillor with an increased majority.

Now that's just one example of how the Labour Party in local government behaves, and I am sure that if I was to look for more, then I don't think we would be disappointed. And I couldn't possibly move on from this without mentioning one more example of what Labour has become in local government. In Newham my home Borough here in London we have an elected Mayor, and I have mentioned Sir Robin Wales on this blog before, he is the Mayor of one of the most deprived inner-city Boroughs in the United Kingdom, high unemployment, child poverty, rising crime and the Olympic Games, disfigure this part of the world that is known as part of the East End. However I just want to focus on the Mayor of Newham Sir Robin who having won re- election in May and then last month Sir Robin ensured that his salary would rise to more than £80,000. His pay is now 34 per cent more than the £58,500 he received when he was first directly elected in 2002 - and at a time when council staff face a two-year pay freeze and the loss of jobs… So that’s Labour for you then!”

History will record that New Labour followed in the footsteps of the Thatcher years. It was they, who introduced the carrot and the stick, and that stick is now in the hands of the real mean class enemy of all working people, and let’s make no mistake about it; the Con/Dems will use it.

In the time that lies ahead we will have to fight just to exist with any sort of dignity, in a world that hasn’t changed that much since the wasted conception of the Labour Party, if anything its worst than ever. 

“That’s life for you up to day down the rest of your life, but in the end we keep on trying to pull our selves up, sadly New labour or Labour will not do it, so what do we do, I've no idea.”

To that commenter I say never give up, reject the system of capitalism in its entireness!" 

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