Saturday, 3 July 2010

What a Liberty!"

'Now that we've reached the creek, where can I buy a paddle?'

Things can only get better, remember? And the second humorous anecdote has to be Tony Blair himself. I was well pleased when he showed his face during the general election, and everybody pissed him off by declaring he was a war criminal, and that’s just what he is, so what's all this about getting presented by the Americans with a Liberty medal, and presented to him by Bill Clinton, well that has got to be fallaciously wrong, what about his buddy George Bush, after all they did have a special relationship?

For those that don’t know the Liberty Medal is an annual award administered by the National Constitution Center of the United States to recognize leadership in the pursuit of freedom.

Is there something I’m missing here - leadership in the pursuit of freedom?

Let me tell a little story, not meaning to sound like Max Bygraves and 'I wanna tell you a story'; anyhow after my partner had been given the all clear to travel after her resent illness we decided to get away from it all, and so we went to Cyprus for the week. We really enjoyed it, but you know the saying, it's good to go away, but it's good to come home, well was it, after landing at Manchester airport, we found our luggage, found our car, and half-an-hour into our journey home, looking for the M62, all the road works, cones, lights and whatever, went right over my head, we had just had a great weeks holiday, everything was fine, but then suddenly, coming to the end of the roadwork’s a bright red flash caught my eye and draw my attention to where it had come from, in that split second my holiday was over. We had been in deep conversation and following a Luton van through the road works, then, red flash, reality, and switch on!” England, road works, motorway, heavy traffic, speed limit, and Police. What speed was I doing? Forty-eight, so what’s the problem, looking up, there he was, overhead on the cross over bridge, no lights on the vehicle, just shadowy shapes of the policemen with their camera and parked patrol vehicle, motorway roadwork’s, fifty mph was the speed limit, All this in maybe one and a half seconds and the good feelings have gone, evaporated instantly. I thought to myself; ‘the sneaky Buggers’. And of course they say it’s all in the name of road safety, nothing to do with intimidating or ripping off the motorists then, no not just yet, which I’m sure will come when they privatise the motorways.

Got home, everything fine, still annoyed about the sneakiness of the Police, but we all see it and just get on with it.

Latter that evening I turned on the TV and the new Justice Secretary Ken Clark is explaining why sending small time criminals to jail was a waste of time and the costs involved, thought here we go, Clarke faces mounting pressure to halt the £4bn prison building programme – the largest in Europe – and his speech fueled expectations that he intends to divert thousands of offenders away from short-term prison sentences when the government's review of sentencing is published in the autumn and in time for the so-called inter-departmental government budget review.

The next day the national papers were saying David Kelly, could not have slit his own wrists, Surprise, Surprise!” Tate and Lyle is about to be sold, now sold, and that reminded me what our Cyprian guide had told us on a day trip; that Britain has had it's day and had become the sick cow of Europe, after it had sold off everything and anything of any value, and guess what? I could not argue with him more, he was and is exact.

In our local paper, Elliot Morley and the other two ex-Labour MPs are still appealing against the decision that they have to be tried in court and that they are not protected from prosecution by parliamentary privilege, Just keep running up the bill Elliot, its all at our expense!”

A couple of pages further on from this story, police are warning old and vulnerable people about con (conmen) artists ripping them off; and that the local Police are not going to stand for it, and a couple more pages further on, a picture of the Chancellor, Mr Osborne holding aloft the battered little red box, with a local individual saying the budget is the beginning of the end of he welfare state, something that we’ve been saying for along time, even before the budget.

So it was welcome home with a bump, I suppose, welcome back to reality, welcome back to the coalition and the real spivs, layabouts (LibDems) and conmen!”

Post by: Brian Hopper (In the Box)

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