Saturday, 24 July 2010

Support the Ian Tomlinson Family Campaign

Ian Tomlinson died after being viciously attacked by a policeman on last years G20 London demonstration. His crime was just walking home from work. From the outset, the police said they had nothing to do with his death. They claimed protestors had got in the way of giving him medical help. The Guardian then published a video telling a different story. It clearly showed a policeman attacking Ian with a baton.

It's hard to see how it benefits anyone for the policeman guilty of this assault not to face charges. For Ian Tomlinson's family, it's a big blow. For the police, it's a back stain on their already tarnished reputation. It sends the message that unlike the rest of us, the police can get away with committing serious crime such as murder, even when they're caught on film.

Ian's family and their solicitors now have hard decisions to make about their next move. Whilst they get their heads round the shock and decide what to do next, let's send them a powerful message that we stand behind their fight for justice, the family campaign (Ian Tomlinson Family Campaign) has now set up a fighting fund and is calling for donations, and you can obtain further information by visiting their website which we have today put a link too on the right-hand side of our blog. In addition you can add you name to the online petition.

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Jim Lawrie and Brain Hopper

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