Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Summertime Blues...

The annual, yearly summer holidays are upon us, schools and colleges up and down the land adjourn for what may seem to be an endurance contest to many a parent. Just keeping them (children) occupied for the duration and out of harms way can be stressful and taxing at the best of times, and lets hope that with the recent hot weather, that none come to any harm this year, thinking about holiday tragedies of the past, such as swimming in canals and deep water without adult supervision, the dangers are more real today when you consider that more families than ever have both parents working just to make ends meet in these hard times.

There’s another group of term servers, who brake-up for the summer holidays, and I’m not offering any prizes for guessing correctly that our legislators of Honourable or Dishonourable men and women, depending how you view them, will be taking their mammoth vacation, as the Americans call it. Of course the Prime Minister will still be running the country, or so he will have us believe; more like running it down and preparing his blueprint of austerity cuts to be presented in the autumn, but in the meantime the press are reporting that his party, under his leadership are enjoying the so-called honeymoon period, for now! However the same cannot be said for his joiner partners in the coalition, poor old Liberal/Democrats they are slipping dramatically in the polls, well that’s an arranged marriage made in hell for you then!

So as we head into what is commonly known and often referred too as the silly session, it is obvious that many amongst this great mass of people, and through no fault of their own, still do not see the wealthy wolfhounds dressed in sheep’s clothing and ready to draw blood and slaughter those of us who are poorer off.

Just who will fend off these wolfs, not the Labour Party; who are running a side show of a beauty contest to select a new leader that no one seems to be interested in. It’s as if we keep going around in ever decreasing circles, time after time, after time. Let me say one thing about the Labour Party; they are totally and utterly bankrupted and stand a million miles away from ordinary working people, and I still cannot for the life of me understand why some who claim to be socialists still cling to their comfort blanket and pretended that socialism will come though this vertical and pointing always in the wrong direction vehicle with four wheels that fell off long ago, which is the Labour Party.

So let me just qualify myself by quoting this from an article I came across in would you believe it The Economist:      

“The previous Labour government fought a kind of covert war on poverty. It redistributed billions to the poor in the form of generous tax credits but did not talk about it within earshot of richer voters. Poor children and pensioners benefited in particular (childless adults got less help). A minimum wage was introduced. So was a Child Trust Fund, in order to boost the wealth of the poor and not just their income.”

A fool’s paradise nothing more and nothing less and that’s what happens when you run capitalism; and all that, will in the fullness of time be taken away from those in most need by this obnoxious government.

If I may make one more quote from that above mentioned publication to rest my case:

“In the end, these efforts struggled to overcome low pay, runaway salaries at the top, single-parent households and other real-world trends that kept poverty and inequality stubbornly high. Britain has more of its people living in households of relative poverty (ie, with income below 60% of the national median) than all but six of the 27 members of the European Union (EU). According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), a think-tank, the proportion of the population in relative poverty fell only slightly, from 19.4% to 18.3%, between 1996-97 and 2007-08. (The drop is a bit more impressive when housing costs are taken into account.) There is also some evidence that severe poverty (measured as income below 40% of the median) actually rose, though this is more contested.”

Well what ever is going to come will happen soon, and I think that when working people awake they will see the wolfhounds for what they really are and reject the hush poppies of the Labour Party.

Enjoy summer whilst you can…


Anonymous said...

Thats life for you up to day down the rest of your life, but in the end we keep on trying to pull our selves up, sadly new labour or Labour will not do it, so what do we do, I've no idea.


Norbert said...


Thanks for your comment, and I think you pose a very good question here which to be honest needs a more fuller answer, or rather more consideration of options open to working people making a real difference that will change life in their favour permanently, so with your kind indulgence, I will attempt do this in my next post.

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