Thursday, 22 July 2010

Murder we write!!"

Today's decision of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to not bring any charges against the policeman who pushed Ian Tomlinson  moments before he died on April 1st  last year as he made his way home through the back end of the G20 demonstration held in London, is nothing more than an absolute disgrace.

Murder is a word that should not be used lightly, but we wouldn't hold it against anyone who had it rattling around in their head when they consider what happened to Ian Tomlinson as he innocently made his way home from work.

After what they call a thorough and careful review of the evidence, the CPS has decided that there is no realistic possibility of a conviction against the police officer in question for any offence arising from the matter investigated and that no charges should be brought against him.

Had it been the other way round, and say a police officer had been hit by a protester, they would not have left  a single stone unturned and had it in court before anyone could say PC Simon Harwood.     


Chris H said...

Other way round, my thoughts as well. One law for them, one law for everyone else. Or as you said elsewhere, another law for those who can afford it.

Norbert said...


And nothing changes, working class and ruling class - as always getting away with murder!"

Anonymous said...

New labour, Thatcher and now Thatcher again the never ending story of them against us, the people.

Norbert said...


Sorry about the time it has taken to post you a reply in complete agreement with your comment's thanks for reading the blog!

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