Saturday, 17 July 2010

‘Moaty Sympathy’

The government of David Cameron and the establishment may not like ‘Moaty Sympathy’ as it has developed in the forms of ether floral tributes, facebook followers and now a musical tribute posted on YouTube.

Yes of course, one can understand their anger, and one can understand their disapproval, but the facts amplify Raoul Moat RIP has become a very public conduit for anger and disenfranchisement, and as this blog will suggest is but a victim of the system; and that many in our society are simply set-up to fail.

One week on, and we still feel saddened, numbed and affected; at just how this state of affairs with Raoul Moat and his life has been allowed to unfold before our eyes: thanks in full is due to the great British press and media, who’s only concern is to use any given opportunity to generate income and profit and in the process disseminate and broadcast misinformation.       

His troubled world and that of his victims, became a stage for all to follow, and in the case of politicians like David Cameron, they disgustingly made political capital out of what we believe is a capitalist made (human) crises, and just like tooth decay is stripping away the enamel that will lead to a progressive decay, fallout and destruction, if allowed to continue.  

All the public moralistic players wanted the lead and staring role, and yet this assists only to underline everything that it is sad about this case and very worrying today.  

Here was an individual (Moat) who it appears has been asking for help for so many years, and in so many different ways and places, and yet once again the system has completely failed, and despite the one person in Durham Prison with any thought of care or responsibility who warns Northumbria Police of concerns upon Moats release from Prison; after that everybody plays their part with complete normality, It's all a complete joke with tragic consequences.  

We have grave concerns about our would-be professional services and the way the police handled themselves; from wind up clockwork Chief Constable, Sue Simdown to the police officer using up his two minutes of fame by posing for the camera firing his taser. Millions watched at home in pubs and wine bars as thousands of police, not 'police' in the proper appreciation, but storm troopers in battle gear, swarm across the North East of England in search of one man, hunting like the wild boar that a human being is not no matter what he had done.

So as to conveniently cover their own backs the police refer the case to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), and that's the final joke,  for when it comes down to the police authorities the word  independent  does not appear any longer to have any meaning.

An appropriate passage of time will pass and the IPCC will report there findings; Mr Moat will be proclaimed a complete nutter, wacko whatever and with recommendations for the police handling of such cases in the future. 

No matter what this man has done or is alleged to have done, there he was surrounded by what was supposed to be professional people, a river at his back, cold, dark and wet, a policeman screaming and taser guns being fired, he found what he thought was the best help of all, he pulled the trigger.

Post By Brian Hopper or In the Box


Anonymous said...

Yes but he pulled the trigger a week before, those that live by the gun normally die by it.

We all know the Police in this country have a shit record of gun use, killing innocent people, but moat was not Innocent and yet the Police bent over back wards to try and save him, Moat did the right thing in the end saves us money going through the courts, but it does show up a problem if he was innocent I suspect he had been shot within minutes.

But OK Moat was a bloke with serious problems some say brought on with drug abuse Steroid use and all the rest, social services missed him again, but I'm sure in the coming weeks month we will be told they have now learned something.

But the bloke used a gun to kill and to maim, he is dead now and soon he will be forgotten until the next one comes along.

Norbert said...

Thanks Anonymous,

We don't really know many, and thank heavens above for that, who live by the gun, although gun crime is on the up when you consider recent events hear and abroad and of course Derrick Bird, the "CUMBERLAND SHOOTINGS" are the worst of illustrations.

Like everyone else, we just don't know the full story that lies behind the life and times of Raoul Moat, and nether do we make any excuses for what he did which was wrong, killing, maiming and leaving permanent disfiguration or mutilation on his victims, that's just not expectable in a civilised society - and there lies the problem; this is not a civilised society.

How can anyone argue that a high state of culture and development both social and technological exists when newspapers like the Sun and others play and pay out large sums of money as they did to both Moat's mother and ex-girlfriend during and after the so-called manhunt?

How two face is Cameron and his 'Big Society' looking today? On the one hand he condemns facebook, but says nothing about the state of British journalism which has wiped-up in the first place the misplaced and harmful frenzy.

Such violent mental agitation surly has no place in a civilised society?

Anonymous said...

Sadly mental Health problem see no difference between the rich or the poor, after I was told I never walk again , I cut my wrist so badly my hand was hanging my some skin doctors spent four hours stitching it back. I went through a period which I do not think I could handle again it was black deep black, I was lucky I managed to claw my way back out but some people never do.

People can get something into their minds which might well be totally wrong rubbish, but once the seed is planted all reason goes out the door.

I do not know Moat but if he did have a mental health issue they I can tell you it can be bad.

So until we know for sure, and even then we may never know what was in his mind, it's sad that he got to that stage to blind and kill people.

Norbert said...


We think thats very well put!

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