Sunday, 25 July 2010

In the Box on Sunday

Many years ago; when I was a young man, and that is more years than I care to remember, trying to work out how the world around me worked and where and how I fitted in, why I was here and for what purpose?

One of the hardest thing's I found was to be completely truthful to oneself. I found on reflection you could bend the truth and make it fit where you found it to be appropriate and where you would like it to fit.

Once I found this to be fact, then I had to start all over again. Ultimate truth sometimes is difficult to find; and it took me some time to realise what is true today is not always true tomorrow and that ultimate truth moves. 

Today's political baselines have brought back to mind one of the problems I set myself to figure out, and never found the ultimate answer; which of the two individuals has been most important in the progress of the human race? The man with the shovel in his hand, or the man with the clipboard?  I am of course going to leave it to open debate, with one truth for today and a truth for tomorrow.

Post by: Brian Hopper or In the Box 

Editor’s Intervention:

There’s always something about the summer that brings out the best in all of us; it might have something to do with the fact that we don’t have to leave the house that hour earlier, stand in the freezing temperatures and scrape that delightful sheet of snow off our windshields. The sun has the power to bring a smile to everyone’s face; and so it seems to have worked it's wonders on Brian what a lovely post. So this is for him and his long, long suffering partner comrade Linda.

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