Sunday, 13 June 2010

We’re all in it together!

There’s definitely without question and beyond any doubt, something very manipulative about David Cameron, it’s not the seduction of Nick Clegg, or the skilful and showing knowledge that he has up to now employed successfully on his own backbenchers, remember that this is a Tory party with a history of turning on leaders. No it’s none of that which I’ve noticed about Cameron, but rather the public perception of the woven path that he has taken in the first month of his Premiership.

His clean-cut youthful and armour-plated good guy image, has thus far been able to fool a great many up till now into thinking, excuse me, he’s not such a bad chap after all, and the coalition government, why it’s not so bad.

He and his adherents, or rather claque and clack have skilfully used every given opportunity to featherbed the austerity road ahead. The Cumbria shootings, his recent trip, staying with our young enlisted men and woman in Afghanistan, increasing and backdating their Daly Allowance, is all part of the plan, the illusion, that he, that this government is fair, not excessive or extreme, free from favouritism or self-interest, bias or deception; conforming with established standards as a rule of thumb, is nothing more than a great deception.

They say that all new governments have a honeymoon period, and then the tide of public opinion suddenly turns. I wouldn’t venture to guess when this is likely to happen, only to anticipate its likelihood when the pressure is applied and very soon by the looks of things.

And how hollow, will those words sound, that we’re all in it together!

Well we'll soon see for sure, their first budget is bound to reveal the full extent to which the axmen will decapitate and destroy jobs and services.

The Sunday Mirror, carried a very good article by Danny Blanchflower, Professor of economics at Dartmouth and the University of Stirling, and just to give a summary, he says: Osborne is going to butcher jobs and people's livelihoods, that economic output has dropped by six per cent, twice as much as the United States. Yet America has seen a much bigger increase in unemployment than we have so far!

He thinks and I agree that Osborne is going to annihilate public spending and probably raise VAT - perhaps to as much as 25%.

And Blanchflower says: “It will do terrible and probably irreversible damage to the British economy. I am now 100 per cent certain these actions will push us into double-dip recession.”

“The chances we will enter a second great depression more than doubled on the day this government took power. Bad industrial production numbers on Friday confirmed how we are struggling to recover. And the Euro area looks like it is slowing and about to go back into recession. It is our major export market and if our friends on the Continent are not recovering it will make it even harder for us to do so.”

Blanchflower points out widespread tax evasion, by the very business fraternity who calmer and demand the cuts!

Tory-led coalition's agenda includes, scrapping free school meals to children in working but low paid poor families. Half a million of the poorest families will be denied free school meals by deep cuts in welfare spending. The decision will cost families earning less than £307 a week about £600 a year, equivalent to a penny rise in their income tax for each child. So the costs are going to fall on the poor.

The Government’s deficit reduction measures will raise unemployment close to three million and “stall” any recovery in the capitalist jobs market, and some are predicting unemployment hitting such heights with all the unsavoury social problems that degenerate life and divide communities. An employment expert said cuts in public spending made the outlook “bleak” for individuals and communities already suffering the greatest hardship.

Our government’s approach to deficit reduction and influenced by their LibDem partners in crime, is to emulate Canada’s Liberal government and its programme of cuts in the 1990s.

The resulted was the loss of 265,000 jobs from the then three million-strong Canadian public sector workforce and an eventual fall in the share of public sector employment in total employment from 26% to 19%.

On an equivalent scale, this translates into around 500,000 UK public sector job cuts!

We’re all in it together!

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