Thursday, 10 June 2010

We say reject "Labour", Tories and the Liberals?

I find this particular post hard to compose, with such a heavy hart, a mental weight of density, the sadness that I feel is real – John MacDonnell has slung the tea towel in the ring, I’m sorry for all the decent Socialists trapped in the Labour Party, any hope of moving it back to the left is over, and before it even started.

What can I or anyone say, the Labour Party forget about it.

It really is something when a Tory PM tells the party 'opposite' they were becoming "more and more authoritarian". Jack Straw prime minister told him Labour had "given up" on civil liberties. Ed Balls was told he was the "Alf Garnet" of British politics.
And whilst this is going on and to his credit an outspoken opponent of Nu Labours filthy Welfare Reforms stands-down from the leadership contest - now the real opposition must come from outside that heap of shit that lies by the river.

While I try to clear my head here underneath is a statement that this blog agrees with from the Manchester Unemployed Workers Centre, sent out to no-to-welfare-abolition@googlegroups yesterday!

Dear No To The Abolition Of Welfare Groups.

On the question of the "Labour" Party Leadership Elections.

Our views are that the Labour Party is irrelevant now, it is a busted flush, it is in meltdown.

The leadership contenders are Oxford educated, silver spooned, privileged supporters of the monopoly capitalist system.

They have never had to suffer low wages, poverty, unemployment, discrimination, exploitation and they are all fit and healthy parasites.

We as unemployed activists say: ditch the failed "Labour" Party- Left, Right and Centre-once and for all.
"Labour" cannot be reclaimed as some deluded left groups and trade unionists say.

It is finished.

Between 1997-2010, whilst in Government it continued the previous Tory policy of featherbedding the rich whilst attacking the poor. It was a Party of imperialist wars and mass unemployment.

We say reject "Labour", Tories and the Liberals.
Reject the Westminster cartel which is a cover for the Crown dictatorship.

If you are in a union still affiliated to "Labour", campaign to withdraw.

Let’s campaign for a strong Welfare State and NHS.

Let’s campaign for Full Employment, Peace, Democracy and Socialism.

We are continuing the hard work organising unemployed people, developing the Unemployed Workers Centres and lobbying for a TUC Peoples March For Jobs next Spring.
Best Wishes,

Mervyn Drage,

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