Sunday, 27 June 2010

Return of the Chingford Skinhead (Part 4)

The one thing that we can say for sure, about the Con/Dem acquisition of power, is that they have wasted no time whatsoever in setting about attacking the welfare-state, the poor, the venerable and the unemployed. It is now well known that government departments are to cut 25% from their budgets, the finer details will be reveled in the autumn, the very season when the leaves fall from the trees; we can then expect such an attack that will rip and up-root the lives of many, with what we think will be devastating, dire and frightening consequences, no question about that!

Rats it is said; can transmit approximately 14 diseases or infections to humans - some via their fleas and the most well known Weil's disease via their urine or more rarely by biting, this government on the other hand will pass along such an incubation of cuts and bites to benefits, that we’ll all wish that we had a friend called Ben.

Who said the class war was dead, but who started it, and who now is reviving it? These are the questions that socialists everywhere must commence, introduce and pose to working people, and now, wasting no time. There isn’t a day that’s passed since the installation of this abomination they call a coalition, when welfare has not been attack in the press and media, now we are being told that the system of welfare may have to "bear the heavy load" the brunt of cuts in the so-called deficit reduction.

Oh how the Con/Dems relish their new function in government, taking the axe of a heavy bladed weapon to the head of their pray, reminds me of the film ‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’.

Such a horror film was that, and I suppose it can only come from the USA, but that’s not the only horror story over there, just spare a thought for their unemployed, where it’s reported that federal unemployment benefits have began to expire, as an estimated 325,000 jobless workers have been cut off. That number will swell to 1.25 million by the end of the month unless Congress extends the benefits. The Senate, so far, has failed to act. Some senators, including Democrats, have balked at an unrelated provision that would begin to close a tax loophole enjoyed by some of the richest Americans. Desperately needed unemployment benefits have been held hostage to a tax break for the rich, proving that it’s the same the world over the poor pay for the rich!

So let me get this right, first we have quantitative easing and bailing out the robbing banks, then, which is now, we are to have quantitative squeezing, the cutting and chopping already under way with the executioner in pursuit of a death warrant for the rest, (lettre de cachet) to be announced in the autumnal equinox or thereabouts.

The coming wave of cuts, which will increase unemployment and sharpen social inequality on what I consider an unimaginable scale, is the end of welfare as we know it, fought and won over many years by a very different Labour and trade union movement that operated within the parameter of reform and winning elections within a capitalist state system putting it simply. Its undoing is its failing, and coming up with an epitaph for the headstone I’ve penciled in: ‘From the cradle to the grave’. However let me just say that death is not the end, if like me you think upon those words of Karl Marx: ‘Capitalism sows the seeds of its own destruction’. These may become the words on the headstone of the capitalist system instead. But for that to happen, socialists must now start to sharpen the pencil of argument and walk out of the dead-end cul de sac of reformism, and tell it as it really is. We must strive as never before to explain why it is that ordinary people's beliefs are those that serve the interests of the dominant class. For example, the real function of education and schools is to produce docile citizens who will work hard and not complain. The function of universities is to create a mandarin class of educated middle managers to carry out the day-to-day administration of powerful people's affairs. The judicial system does an analogous job: it decides what constitutes crime and inflicts what it considers appropriate punishment. The function of newspapers and television is to make the powerful invisible, or to report only what powerful people want ordinary people to hear, or to provide mindless entertainments and, most importantly, advertisements to distract ordinary people from their real wants and needs.

There is a wind blowing, for now a gentle soft and mild breeze, and just before it becomes hurricane, cyclone force, and you have read this far we say don’t ever take your eye of the ball, lift your sights high and the likes of the Chingford Skinhead can be taken on!


Robert said...

The big problem is of course the lowest benefit rises since the welfare state new labour, cuts to the welfare state biggest under New labour, Income support the main stay of the welfare regime stopped by new labour.

My average benefits rise under Thatcher and major was 3.96 under new labour 1.75

The Tories brought in motability DLA which means i can buy/rent a car or have a wheelchair paid for by the state, who tried to stop this new labour Gordon brown who wanted to save 11 billion to give me a part time carer.

The sad fact between new labour and the Tories the difference is, well you tell me because I do not know, but I know which one looked after me the best, how sad is that.

Norbert said...

Hi Robert,

Thank you for your comment.

Tories, Labour even Liberals; well I would say they are proven to be nothing more than the yoke of the same rotten egg, and what a smell!

The fifth richest capitalist country in the world, and the attacks of the disabled are nothing short than an absolute outrage in a modern world of plenty.

With all the technology and gadgetry and laborsaving appliances,you would have thought that this would be put at the disposal of those members of our community in most need, if they so wished, and at no cost whatsoever to them. We would then be able to call this a truly civilised society.

However this is anything but civilised, for you me, or anyone whilst governments put the needs of the banker, big business and capital first and foremost, and it will get worst unless we all say together, enough is a enough, time to change the way you lot run the world, and time to stop doing things for a few to profit from whilst the many put up and do without!"

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