Monday, 21 June 2010

Return of the Chingford Skinhead (Part 3)

She was only a grocer’s daughter; as the saying goes, but Mrs. Thatcher became much, much more than that. It’s funny really, whenever I’m in conversation with anyone about her; the one thing that everyone remembers her for, is of course taking the free school-milk away from children, but we all know that this Iconic Tory Cast-Iron Maiden of Capitalism who proceeding prime ministers clamor to be photographed with outside the door to number 10, delivered more than just the seized milk to her class; we all know that she did a great deal more harm, which truthfully has effected every single one of us, even still today some thirty years after becoming our first women prime minister. During the miner’s strike I had the good fortune of meeting a young striking miner from Derbyshire, who came to London to help-out raising support and funds for that noble battle, he was only 17 as I do recall, and in my mind remains a credit to his generation, and I often wonder all these years latter how has life panned-out for him, although the one thing that I do know for sure, and that’s, he’ll no longer be a miner, and it’s ironic then, that not only did Thatcher deprived him of milk as a child, but of his job and the means to make a living latter in life.

Oh, Mrs. Thatcher you do remind me of Miss Havisham from Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations, every time I see you with Tony, Gordon and now David then I thinks of Miss Havisham’s ultimate fate: In the heat of the confrontation, Miss Havisham stands too close to the fire, which in turn lights her dress on fire. Pip heroically saves her, but she later dies from her burn injuries;’ and only if; would indeed be such a nasty thought to entertain?

Enough then of Thatcher, and let’s move on to the present here and now, and the equally odious and what I believe will become so obvious in the not too distant fullness of time, the repressive regime of David Cameron and his Con/Dem coalition!

In my last post, we highlighted and examined the new organisation of ministers now installed under the burnished and renewed Iain Duncan Smith at the DWP, and suggested that this collection of mercantile, militant patriots of profit will endeavor to hit out hard, and upon those who for one reason or another have become dependent (through no fault of their own) on state benefits, these include, pensioners, disabled and the unemployed. It is clear that an assault will be surmounted in due course, with much media promotion and talk of welfare cuts being thrown around in preparing the groundwork in an attempt to lessen and decrease public shock, stemming off they hope any resistance.

My guess is that direct cuts to all benefits are now on the cards, such cuts that will bulldoze thousands into cascading and grinding poverty of which we have not seen or experienced since the so-called hungry 1930s of the last century. The unemployed in particular will be targeted as never before, made to jump through hoops like performing seals at the circus, we should remember that the New Labour project spent 13 long years cold-bloodily arm-twisting the unemployed into low-paid employment, and turning their backs on the trades union movement with the complete refusal to repeal or reverse the laws inhibiting and suppressing workers democratic organisation in the workplace. They bought trade union leaders off with the complete nonsense of the minimum wage, and in the dying, decaying days of the Brown administration introduced unbelievably (maybe not) legislation that would force working people to work for benefits or suffer sanctions; an attempt which failed to reassure the city, media moguls and big businessman that they could still be relied upon to deliver capitalism in the modern world, and alas now after the election sit on the opposite green benches, leaderless, directionless and totally bankrupt. Brown’s big idea; was to have a government of all the talents, so he invited into government and made ministers of our class enemy, amongst them were Sir Digby Jones former director general of the Confederation of British Industry, Lord Lester of Herne Hill and Liberal Democrat peer, Baroness Neuberger yet another Liberal Democrat peer, Admiral Sir Alan West formerly First Sea Lord and head of the Royal Navy at the time of the Iraq invasion (even though he harboured strong concerns about the war ), and towards New Labour’s end game Alan Sugar as (the black Baron as I like to call him) Baron Sugar and of course not forgetting Lord Freud one of a clutch of bankers who New Labour brought in to use their expertise (presumably their expertise in mucking up the banking system and the rest of the economy along with it) in the service of government. Freud was let loose on welfare reform and as he said: “I didn’t know anything about welfare at all when I started.” he acknowledged, “but that may have been an advantage...In a funny way the solution was obvious.”

The resolution, according to Freud, was twofold:

First, force the unemployed back to work with benefit cuts and workfare, and then feather one's nest or rather his friends in the private sector whilst doing so.

Freud or David Freud as he was known before joining the Tories and being elevated to the House of Lords is now a minister at the DWP, which if anything is a clear signal that the coalition intends to be effectual and very tough with the unemployed and at a time whilst unemployment escalates both as a result of their polices and the general crises of world capitalism.

Now tomorrow the coalition and rich kid George Osborne, present to the House of Commons their emergency budget, and heavens above just why this is called an emergency budget is anybody’s guess, probably it’s part of the conjuring trick of deception that is a hallmark and characteristic of the two parties now merged into one with the sole intention of working to sustain capitalism here and abroad. And when we talk of deception, I was wondering just how many people voted for the Lib/Dem’s to keep the Tories out, and how many of them would vote for then today?

However I will be looking for perceptible indications of something that signals setting off an attack on the unemployed, this may or may not be apparent in the budget tomorrow as I understand a departmental fiscal review won’t be completed until September, but we will see!

To be continued…


Anonymous said...

being disabled my self a job would be nice I've been looking with my job center for years, my special adviser See's me coming and bangs her head on the desk, she of course would be happy sitting behind the desk with nobody to deal with.

Who do I blame for all this Blair and Brown, do i blame Cameron nope not yet, but sadly it looks like I will suffer lucky for the disabled we all have a way out, an overdo or a quick cut of the wrists, it's a way out.

Norbert said...

Thanks Anonymous,

For your comments, and would say to you and others, that the real blame to all our problems, ailments and general cataclysm that bars people from enjoying life, free from the stress of consistently chasing and worrying about a decent standard of living is the world of capitalism. The world system that Blair, Brown and others seek to run.

We can blame them but it won't change a thing, only in as much as we end up with Cameron.

What we need to change is the world and the system that runs all our lives, that system is capitalism, which has a detrimental and damaging effect on all of us, whether we are able-bodied or disabled.

There is only one realistic way out of a system which is designed for exploitation - of human beings and of the worlds natural resources in the name of profit, and that's working with a working class organised to emancipate itself, internationally and put in place a new social order based upon the common ownership of the means of life and the democratic control of the worlds resources in the intrests of a classless community.

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