Wednesday, 16 June 2010

London Crime Capital of World Finance and Unemployment Dominates

All over the world there is one matter of which I’m certain, with a real definite feeling of no doubt or incertitude; and that’s millions will be worrying as they ask; what does the day after tomorrow hold; will I hold onto my job, will I get a job and will I be able to provide an adequate standard of living for myself and for my family. This is a question that must haunt like a ghost.

I was thinking a great deal about this today following the latest revealing disclosure that unemployment in the UK was heading further and ever upwardly, and of course pondering upon the fact that unemployment in London stands at a staggering 9%.

London is the worst hit area with nearly eight JSA claimants for every job vacancy.

Seven of the top ten unemployment blackspots of the UK are in this the Crime Capital of World Finance.

They are Haringey, (9,910 on the dole and 696 vacancies) Lewisham, (9,196 on the dole and 662 vacancies) Waltham Forest, (8,596 on the dole and 692 vacancies) Lambeth, (11,631 on the dole and 3,202 vacancies) Brent, (9,608 on the dole and 834 vacancies) Hammersmith and Fulham (5,154 on the dole and 514 vacancies).

But top of the bill is Hackney which is the hardest place to find a job in the whole country. In Hackney claimants outnumber vacancies by a shocking 24 to1 (9,663 on the dole and 404 vacancies).

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Anonymous said...

Well my small area has 14,000 on the dole, and 15,000 on IB sickness benefits including me, this week down i go to my jobs center to be told they do not intend seeing the disabled until September, I was told by this time new companies will deal with you.

I said whats the matter are we not doing enough, she add the disabled and the sick disabled we have 29,000 unemployed this will go up with the news today of 800 jobs going at the local council, she said we have 123 jobs for the whole of the country, she said if you add the countries unemployed alone it's nearly 29,000 with 145 jobs and most are these jobs are commission selling only.

Thats a great I wounder how the Tories are going to make these jobs.

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