Monday, 7 June 2010


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One thing is clear about this sprouting coalition government, even though the vast majority in this country may not as of ‘yet’ share the view that all of us will be made, one way or the other to pay for the crisis of greed that has brought the capitalist world to the cliff edge of collapse. And the signs are, it’s about to get much worse, the US economy is already rotten to the core, the big apple as it is sometimes referred too, has a maggot sucking out what’s left of its juicy fruit, entire states are facing bankruptcy, and renewed banking failures and sovereign debt defaults are threatening to rip apart the European Union (as the “liberal Observer economist turned public sector cuts advisor for the Con-Dem coalition, Will Hutton, has recently warned) and force the global economy back towards the downward trajectory.

On Sunday DAVID CAMERON warned that the economy is in a far worse state than previously thought and signalled that Britain now faces years of “pain” as the impending spending axe falls. He indicated a sharp downgrade in official growth forecasts and revealed that welfare and public sector pay would bear the brunt of budget cuts.

Oh, the deficit is far worse than they thought is it, what a surprise!

So we had a recovery and now we're going to get taken down by this Con-Demolition!
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