Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Anniversary Waltz in triple time with a strong accent on Socialism!"

Today is a special occasion for this particular blog; it’s our birthday!”

So in trying to keep it as low-key as is humbly possible, we, that’s Brian Hopper (In the Box) and I would just like to thank everyone who has ever during the last two years visited or posted (good or bad) a comment on our site, and also thank the many other blogs for their kind help in promoting The Socialist Way, especially Lansbury's Lido, Harpymarx, Against The Current (NZ) and others that not only do we enjoy reading, but promote on our front page. A very big thank you Comrades!”

They say that self-praise is no praise at all, and whilst it is true that there may not be a lot to cheer and shout about in terms of how wonderful our lives and experiences personify, particularly in the world of today with such a renewed violable assault waged upon the vast majority in the so-called age of austerity.

We would like then to think that this blog has taken its place with those many socialist dissenters and mortals who believe that another world is not only possible but worth fighting for, here and now!”

World capitalism is in crisis, millions have been or are flung upon the burning fires raging down from hell at employment and labour exchanges in Europe and across that big pound in the USA.

The beginning decade of this century, has seen the foundations of capitalist economic order shaken to its very foundations thought-out the world, wars rage on; the young, old and innocent still needlessly die whilst governments give that same lie – to bring peace and stability, to keep us safe on our streets and protect our way of life. And yet that way of life is constantly tampered and terrorised by those who claim to protect whilst their backers enshrouding and standing behind in the shadows: the owners and representatives of capital demand more be put back on their feasting table.

They demand cuts in welfare, they demand further legislation outlawing trade union activity, they demand that workers now work till they drop, in short they demand profits rise whilst wages and living standards fall.

This Cameron government (ConDem-ned) think of an economic recovery which will be 'export-led' when they have spent the last 30 years demolishing industry and bringing the country to its knees. Their lunacy could be seen on the face of Thatcher in the 1980s, except they are more monstrous. They are dangerous because they are desperately trying to hang on to something that is no longer or has it ever been sustainable.

You know it’s class war, when they put a paltry £2bn levy on the Banks and £1.2bn cut on Housing benefit hurting with contempt those with the least and in most need.

You know its class war, when the vast majority of housing benefit claimants are either pensioners, those with disabilities, people caring for a relative or hardworking people on low incomes, and only 1 in 8 people who receive housing benefit is unemployed and yet they are all going to be clobbered!”

This then is not much of a celebration, and nether is it a wake; as the storm clouds are now clearly visible on the horizon, the time will soon come when others will see what we do, and then that next step in working class understanding will be in the direction of Socialism, we hope that this blog will continue to play its small part in that unfolding and blossoming struggle.

Democracy is the road to Socialism!"

Karl Marx


Chris H said...

A very Happy 2nd Birthday to The Socialist Way!

Keep up the good work, it's a long slog ahead.

Steven Cowan said...

Greetings from New Zealand and congratulations on your second birthday.

From my experience, blogs are often started with enthusiasm but the enthusiasm recedes and the blog fades away.

So maintaining The Socialist Way for two years is an achievement, especially since the left needs to maintain its presence on the net.

Thanks for the mentions of Against the Current too.

All the best.

The Socialist Way

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