Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Why I will be spoiling my ballot paper and writing across it socialism!

Thursday, polling day is fast approaching; we are just hours away from changing well nothing or the truth be told, bestowing a government from whichever party is able to muster the necessary commons support for it’s programme, that will move and act in the interests, not of those who cast the vast majority of votes, but of those unelected captains of capitalism, the bankers and stockbrokers who have been most vocal in demanding austerity measures to tackle the failing; failures of the British economy.

From the very beginning of this election being called; I personally had no intension of casting my vote in support of any of the mainstream political parties’ which run capitalism here in Britain today. As a Socialist; I stand and strive for a system of society based upon the common ownership and democratic control of the means, instruments of production and distribution, by and in the interest of the whole community.

No party or leader in this election embraces that simple concept of a truly democratic society.

The outcome of this election and whoever wins it, will not be able to resolve the world crisis of capitalism, the truth is they are powerless, the idea that the market economy can progress steadily, providing for ever-rising levels of growth, trade and employment, is nothing more than a fantasy, as it has been established that Gordon Brown was powerless to prevent the economic crisis in the first place, despite his claim that year-on year economic growth was the unique product of his prudent and circumspect economic management of capitalism.
One look at Greece and we can see just how severe the economic downturn has proven to really be for the millions over there; who are being told that they face cuts in pay, pensions and unemployment benefits. Millions may lose jobs and others who were planning to take early retirement are told that they will have to work longer and for less.

Across the globe, hundreds of millions are affected one way or the other by the crisis of capitalism, leading to falling production, falling property prices, rising unemployment and acute financial distress for many.

And let us just remember that in Britain our Prime Minster swore that this would never happen and who thought he could hold back the tide of capitalism’s business cycle through his financial management skills – a man who has been left looking ever more like King Canute.

I cannot vote in this election because of wars, the robbery of young solders lives.

What is clear is that millions of workers will be made unemployed, poverty will increase, and health will deteriorate as services of support will be cut, homelessness will grow, deprivation and destitution will accelerate, and crime will multiply as workers are made to pay for a crisis not of their making.
I will be spoiling my ballot paper because there is only one course of action available a future without profits, class ownership, borders, money and inequality.

That future is Socialism - it will end the wasteful, fearsome, insecure world we know today. Socialism will set mankind free to live their lives to the full. It will remove poverty and replace it with plenty. It will abolish war and bring hope and a world of peace. It will end fear and hatred and give us security and brotherhood.

Socialism will be a world worth living for.

The future is in our hands not the ballot box.

Socialism is in our hands for the taking whether you vote or not.

Let’s work for it – Let’s take it!

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