Monday, 3 May 2010

Three Days that Won't Change a Thing!

This is the week that is; we all have the responsibility (so they say) of placing our X on the ballot paper.

And let me articulate right from the off: I am so disappointed with it all, what comes to mind is the American 2000 Election that produced George Bush, and Al Gore. I thought at the time, six hundred and fifty million inhabitants, And the American people end up with one of these two about to be given the power to run the nation; warning bell's ringing!

We all know what came to pass eventually, and what trouble Mr Bush, along with the aid of his poodle’ Mr Blair brought upon the world. I’m personally pleased they have both gone, I wish that could be the end of it, but we all have their legacy to live with, more so the families of our solder's that return home in caskets, we picked the wrong leaders and the high number of British military personnel killed on operations in Afghanistan and Iraq only reminds me of this.

Now what are we to do?

I think we have the same problem, estimated sixty five million people in Britain, and what do we have?

Well not a lot in my opinion, Brown, Cameron, and Glegg, all three of them spout and jabber the same basic party policies and sing the same song from the same song sheet, tell them nothing, that’s what the TV debates were about; and now we have just the one day; this marvellous word that politicians love to brandish swinging back and forth every five years which they call democracy is anything but.

That’s democracy, after one day it slips into the sidetracks the political hard shoulder of this capitalist democracy. Our democratically elected ministers toe the leaders line and do as they are told, whilst the rest of us, keep paying the piper that plays the tune, the tune being two wars that we have been dragged into and an economic crises not of our making.

We pay £45m everyday into the EU and £6,000 Interest every second of the day and night, on our National deficit, it is said that every man women and child in Britain owes £20,000.

No I’m not impressed at all with any of our politicians, near past or near future.

All of those who are about to vote I salute you – for being able to differentiate between the players - because I cannot!

I read that a demagogue is someone “who will preach doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he thinks to be idiots,” This is a pretty good description for the leaders debates in action. Although the one thing the leaders should not underestimate, and they do so at their peril; is that the British people are not idiots!

Post By: Brian Hopper or In the Box - Former Socialist Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate for Scunthorpe 1997
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Chris H said...

You are right about the policies of the 3 parties being different only in extreme. But I will still be voting. I look to the things that matter to the poor and vulnerable in society and see how the parties stack up for them. That's how I will vote.

I don't for one minute think that any of the 3 will be making the changes to the way our society operates. Those changes must come by another route. Maybe piecemeal, maybe through abrupt change. Maybe the current and future deficit issue will allow the voters' minds to be focussed on the real issues. Maybe it will precipitate a crisis that will bring civil unrest. Maybe.

We have the choice not to vote. We still wait for the choice to vote for what we want.

Norbert said...

Thanks Chris,

I think that it's not important; whether people vote or not in this general election, That's up to them, obviously this blog is leaning towards, well spoiling ballot papers; but we are not saying that this is what people must do, this is a capitalist election and therefore we think that the participation of workers in it is fine, possibly along your lines and for the same reasons you say, not a problem!

After all it's by participation in elections, that the workers in Greece may have come and are coming to the conclusion that such elections are really a deception and misleading falsehood?

The way we are governed will not change society, it will not change because of this election, there will still be the poor, vulnerable and in general disadvantage; if not more so we think. However we are not prepared to put an X in a box after what has happened since 1997 when workers and people were promised change, change from sleaze, change from many of the social ailments that have always dominated an uneven society; like child poverty for instance, add to that war the murder of our young people by the state,and for what, oil and profit!

And under a Labour administration, it's not the kids growing up in middle England that lay down their lives but the kids growing up on a council estate in Glasgow,
Liverpool and London.

As former members, long-standing of the Labour Party both Brain and myself can say that we have a very clear conscience when it comes to New Labour; ethical and moral principles governed our thoughts and actions, that's why we opposed Blair then and oppose his creation still today; that which is still New Labour.

I cannot Chris, speck for Brian he is his own man, as for myself I can tell you that I will be voting; by soiling my ballot paper come Thursday.

I will be voting for 'socialism' and that will not come about in this election or any election for that matter, that has to be the work of the vast majority and hopefully by peaceful means all-around the world!

Chris H said...

True, whatever government is formed post election it will still be the poor and vulnerable shouldering the pain both here and abroad.

Perhaps if we get a change to proportional representation then we can perhaps see more socialist MPs elected to Parliament. Then maybe the atmosphere will be more conducive to socialism. Unfortunately the media we have in this country excercise their unbalanced influence in favour of capitalism.

I still wish the Labour Party could be the vehicle this, going back to it's roots so to speak. I was also a member but left in 1983 disgusted by the media assassination and onslaught against Foot and the sight of a new leader beginning the process that led to New Labour and the unchallenged power that Blair wielded.

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