Sunday, 9 May 2010


                                         First time voter young  Alfie McKenzie

It always takes a while for me to settle down after an election, and the general election that we’ve just had in the UK is no exception, in fact it may take longer to readjust and re adapt to the change of political master, especially as I write the talks and negotiations are taking place between Tory Cameron and Liberal Clegg to see if they can form a coalition government that will then end the 13 year administration of New Labour, and I suppose that as time and the give-and-takes, take hold, I will wright more in the days that will come and pass.

So in the meantime, just to help me readjust a little reflection will help’.

The first party of capitalism failed in its bid to win the general election with an outright majority in the House of Commons that would enable them to take hold of the rains of power in the land and rule the country. They won 306 seats falling short and therefore need a partner to get into bed with so as to make whoopee on the working class.

New Labour lead by Brown won 258 seats doing surprisingly better than what I thought they would, although their vote nationally fell to an all-time low whilst the Liberal Democrats and the Clegg effect came to nothing, in fact they lost seats.

The only inspiring news from this farcical capitalist exercise was that of 14 year old schoolboy Alfie McKenzie who managed to evade basic checks to cast a vote in the Wyre and Preston North Constituency. He managed it on the night in which hundreds of adults were denied the right to vote after queuing at polling stations and in some cases for an hour or more.

Alfie was dobbed-in by his school teacher and Lancashire Police were called in to investigate after the tip off. But what is inspiring is that Alfie says he is a Socialist and that all he wonted to do was make a difference, he voted for the Lib/Dems because there was no socialist standing. I think that 14 year olds should be allowed the vote as I’ve had the privilege over the years to have been able to meet youngsters that know a thing or two about politics and there decisions can’t be any worst than those of adults.

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