Thursday, 6 May 2010

The morning after the night before

What will you be doing on the morning after?

Will your life be radically changed?

Will you wake up and detect a new freshness in the air, a new sense of hope oozing out of the environment?

Or will you feel terrible, like a person who has just lost everything as a result of someone else’s incompetence?

Will it make any difference to you?

Will life be just the same?

Might it just as well have never happened?

No, we are not talking about a nuclear war. You will notice that alright. It will transform your life – probably in the most profound sense: by terminating it. And if it does not kill you, you will probably wish it had.

But the morning after the election will be another story. No mushroom clouds, cities reduced to rubble, panic in the shelters. The morning after the general election 2010, all that there will be is the fading enthusiasm of David Dimbleby and the other TV pundits trying their hardest to stay awake until the final results and the isolated groups of party activist nursing hangovers induced either by success or failure combined with the cheap price of booze subsidized in the Town Hall bars next to were the ballot papers are counted.

For most workers – who run society from top to bottom by sweeping the streets and driving the buses and operating the computers and looking after the sick – the morning after the general election will be very much the same as the day before? It will be wage or salary slavery as usual.

For workers the same problems will exist the day after the election as the day before it.

Most of us do not like working for the bosses and paying the bills and living in a stressful and dangerous society and fearing the possibility of another war. Not one of those problems will be gone the day after the election. Not one of the elected politicians will have promised to attend to those problems. That is working-class life; capitalism in one form or another must always exist. And so it will, morning after the election.

Of course, there will be some workers who will wake up the next morning (if their excitement ever allowed them to sleep) full of joy because their chosen party has won.

But most workers will not be dancing or cheering or even smiling. Even most of them will have voted and only done so in the hope that it will make a difference – or that it may keep the other lot out – or because of family tradition. Most voters in elections are far less stupid than they might be thought to be: they are not taken in by all the nonsense spewed out by politicians. Many workers know that capitalist elections will not change their lives.

The after the election one thing will be crystal clear: you do not matter any more. You have spent your political power and that’s it for five more years – four if you’re lucky.

So, the morning after the election the homeless will still be unhoused and the unemployed still on the social scrapheap and the hungry still too poor to buy food and the millions who are being robbed daily by the wages system will be having their lives stolen away from them. The day after the election will be a bloody miserable day. And for none will it be more miserable than for those who know how easy it would be to change the whole rotten set-up and establish a society fit to live in.

Jim Lawrie and Brian Hopper or In the Box - Good Luck...


Pete or Dud said...

Christ youre a bunch of miserable cunts!!

What were you on when you wrote this depressing crap??

Is this an example of the "Socialist Way"??

The only good bit was your typo about the homeless being "unhorsed". Pure comedy gold!!

Youve now inspired me to go and nick the gypses horses off the verges of the ring road and take the down to the Dawn centre on Conduit Street to give to the homeless street drinkers who live there. That should cheer me up and provide endless amusement for all concerned!


darren redstar said...

I am sorry, but that is a load of smug nonpolitical bollocks!
how old are you?
are you so young that you cannot remember what the effect upon working class people of the last time the tories were in government, of the millions on the dole, the savage cuts in our schools, our hospitals, and the services that are for many of us the difference between managing and drowning?
please do not pretend that a tory government makes no difference, even one propped up by the yellow troies of the lib dems, will be brutal and vindictive in its attacks on working class living standards.
You can decide to spoilo you ballot if you wish, that is your right, but do not pretend to be any form of socialist and think that the tories are no different from l;bour

Norbert said...

Peat or Dud,

Whatever you call yourself, I've allowed your post through this time, however next time you send abusive content I will not!

What are you saying, what argument are you advocating other than having a pop at this blog?

Norbert said...

darren redstar,

Are you really walking around with blinkers on your eyes?

New Labour, Tories, Lib/Dems, what's the difference?

New Labour in office have been kicking those most in need off benefits, like the disabled and mentally ill.
Millions are on the dole and over 8 million dependent on benefits in order they survive, but New Labour have introduced legislation to make them work for their benefits starting in October.

I did spoilo you ballot, the first time in my life because they are all the same making the working class pay for the rotten system of capitalism!

Chris H said...

Here's a good graph showing the difference between the parties

I live in an affluent Tory constituency. The Tories could stand a turd for MP and it would still get elected. I tactically voted for the Lib Dems and now I feel dirty. Next time I might well spoil my paper.

Even with Labour re-elected we would still be beholden to those that control the money, the middle-aged wealthy white male capitalists. Any UK government working within a capitalist framework has their hands tied. In the 'good' times Labour has improved the lot of the working man and woman, to an extent but now the rules are changing and the workers and the poor will be expected to suffer and pay to keep the profits up.

I would rather be screwed by Labour than be screwed by the Tories, but screwed we will be.

I do hope that the vitriol shown in the comments isn't a foretaste of the relationship between the left in general. The Tories are going to be at their most vulnerable and a united front is needed.

Norbert said...

Hi Chris,

You are a most welcome commentator here, and I must say don't think bad about the way you cast your vote, in a capitalist election we don't have a choice but to do what we do, and you did what you thought was best for workers yourself and family.

"Next time I might well spoil my paper."

That may not be too far off, and people keep drawing comparisons with 1974 or rather the media, but I remember that year as my first general election and a new member of the Labour Party.

As for the comments they tell us a great deal about some sections of the left still sitting in a hole, but you have to smile and get on with it for the world is made up of billions of people and good people at that, so as they say never give up and keep the faith, human destiny the world is at are feet we need to stand up and fight for it that's all!

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