Friday, 14 May 2010

The hard times are here!

It feels really strange: I can’t find words to explain how I feel at the departure of New Labour and the inhalation that I’m breathing in today; the dizzy sensation; the realisation; that ‘Nasty Dave’ and ‘Dirty Nick’ are now running the UK on behalf of capitalism!

I’ve not come properly to terms with this; it’s knocked the wind out of my sails and I fear that the worst is yet to unfold?

As I think aloud wondering; will the class struggle explode in the months that lay ahead?

So keeping it simple, it’s the rich and privileged upper class that has taken control.

Just over 20 years since Margaret Thatcher left Downing Street and I remember watching her driven away, glassy-eyed into the afterlife of power, but what I didn’t realize fully at the time was that she had changed the complexion and darkness of British politics, first New Labour and now this!

The Conservative-Liberal Democrat government we are constantly told; is the first formal coalition in 65 years, since the wartime “national unity” administration under Winston Churchill between May 1940 and May 1945.

The coalition began work as reports were released showing that unemployment had reached its highest level since 1994, with 2.51 million jobless. The Bank of England issued a warning that the new government must act “sooner rather than later” to slash Britain’s deficit.

Cameron’s appointments within his own party are aimed at holding together its various fractious and ill-natured elements. But of greater political significance is the extent to which he has included the Liberal Democrats in the highest positions of government.

Out of 57 Liberal Democrat MPs, 20 have been given top posts. This includes leader Nick Clegg becoming deputy prime minister as one of five cabinet positions. Vince Cable is business secretary, and David Laws, a former investment banker, is chief secretary to the treasury.

Clegg, Cable and Laws are the three leading figures in the Orange Group, which has since 2005 advanced a Thatcherite free-market agenda within the Liberal Democrats, in opposition to its previous quasi-social-democratic position on the welfare state and redistributive taxation.

The Liberal Democrats have all but abandoned any pretence that their own agenda on social cuts could be “fairer” than that of the Conservatives. The significantly accelerated reduction in the structural budget deficit is to be accomplished by prioritising spending cuts!

The hard times are here!
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