Sunday, 2 May 2010

"The coming of Armageddon"

The last of three televised debates between Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Conservative David (nasty) Cameron and Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg was billed as the here and now; that they would at last come clean and tell us the electorate the truth:
One I suppose can live in hope; but we should really know better!

Whichever party, or mixture of them, forms a new government after May 6; they will impose harsh austerity measures that go way beyond the “efficiency savings” currently admitted to.

During these debates, during this election campaign all the party leaders failed deliberately to identify just where the axe will full, they have been misleading the public with talk of protecting “frontline services”.

Look at Greece as it continues to teeter on the brink of insolvency, as this “contagious disease” spreads to Spain and Portugal which saw their credit ratings downgraded this week. In each of these countries, social democratic governments have brought forward plans to slash spending, jobs and wages in the face of popular opposition.

José Luis Zapatero Spain’s Socialist Party (PSOE) Prime Minister has pledged to implement austerity measures “whatever the cost” he is reported as saying.

If anything we are witness to so-called world leaders using a surgical knife and preparing to butcher the living standards of millions in order to save the rotten system of capitalism.

On Saturday which was Mayday, again demonstrators clashed with riot police in Athens who were protesting against government measures. For the tens of thousands of demonstrators who took to the streets in rallies that quickly descended into clashes with riot police, the show of force was just the beginning – a prelude of the storm that will rock Greece if its Socialist government "caves in" to the dictates of the IMF and enforces policies that have been likened to "the coming of Armageddon".

After our general election all will be revealed here in Britain and it will hurt millions, and I do mean millions as they make us the workers pay for the abortion that is capitalism.

Although somewhat belated we send out to workers the world over Mayday greetings!

Jim Lawrie And Brian Hopper or In the Box
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