Monday, 19 April 2010

A world for people...

My first post of the week and seeing its Monday is going to be a whinge, yes a whinge, not about the clouds of volcanic ash that hangs over these Islands, this land mass that is the United Kingdom. No I’m going to whinge about the political system and the general election.

Now the opinion poll which I’m sure that readers of this blog will know still give the LidDem that boost following the Nick Clegg effect, as he continues to reap the benefits of his performance on the live TV leadership debate.

YouGov last night put support for the party at 33%, 1% ahead of the Conservatives and ahead of Labour on 26%. This followed a BPIX poll yesterday that showed support for the LibDems at 32%, one ahead of the Conservatives on 31%, with Labour in third on 28%. It is the first time the party has been ahead since the SDP-LibDem Alliance of the 1980s.

So we can take it as read that the other two parties and their leaders will concentrate fire power on the LibDems in order to limit the damage to both, but lets be frank about the LibDems, they are no different, when you peel and strip the skin off the orange, you are left with a fleshy capitalist pinnacle of a suffice, they have been and will always be a pro-capitalist party, they lean left when it looks good to do so, but will home right when they are called too.

Nick Clegg can talk the talk but he won’t walk the walk, he will say that it’s time for something new because it’s politically expedient to do so, but in reality he has nothing new to offer but the continuation of the same old, same old! What’s really on offer from the three mainstream parties is continuance and continuity of the same system that fails deliberately to deliver to workers; they run the system in the interest of capital.

I was thinking about Cameron yesterday, he keeps harping on about change, its time for change and so on. The only thing we can say about the Tories is that if they win the election we will all be short changed for certain!

Labour are no better than the other two and I tell you why, for a party that was conceived and founded by the working class, it has made (micturated) our society more divided than ever it was, it has presided over record numbers living beneath the poverty line, millions are homeless or living in temporary sub-standard accommodation, that’s men, women and children, nothing short than a disgrace in our modern society. Now I’ve started, so let me finish saying what I think about New Labour.

When I say divided, what I mean is that the rich are much more better off than when Labour first came into office, and by a simple internet search you will discover that for yourselves, we are all the more poorer because they have introduced the minimum poverty wage, subsidising real wages with so-called tax credits, in other words allowing capital to make more profit out of our exploitation. They have unleashed a programme of legislation that will bleach the unemployed and force them to work for benefits full-time beneath the minimum wage, this can only be seen as a gift to the greedy bosses.

And if that wasn’t enough then let’s not forget the Bankers, the real cheats and swindlers they really are, holding up and doing the inside job on their own banks.

Let’s not forget about the police state we have become under New Labour, more surveillance more spied on by the state, civil liberties eroded.

Two men killed by the state, women beaten and battered by the blows of British policemen.

The wars, the lies and much, much more!

This general election is nothing more than a total farce, an insult to free-thinking people everywhere. I have been a Socialist all my adult life, because I love all human beings, the world that we all live in and so on, over the years I’ve become more and more fed-up with the leaders of all political parties, even with political parties themselves. I will never join again any political organisation, they are all the same, and they all end-up going the same way. We do need a new way of doing things, a different way in which we share what we all commonly have with each other. Why should the worlds resources not be the common heritage off all, why should a child or any human being for that matter, have to die because they don’t have the food or the medication at hand anywhere in the world.

Socialism has never been about control it has been about freedom, we need to fight for that and build a world for people and without the politicizing spoiling politicos’.

That time is coming comrades!
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Chris H said...

I can feel the frustration and rage from here!

Yup, the three are all the same with their neo-liberal agenda to profit those with cash at the expense of the working man and woman. But, I think this election is going to be a decision between bad, badder and totally screwed. Our democracy is a sham but it's all we have to work with at this moment in time so perhaps best to make the most of a bad thing.

The time is coming? If only but the divisive state of the left with more factions and sect than the history of Christianity doesn't fill me with hope.

The question is how?

Norbert said...

Hi Chris,

At this point in time my thoughts are in the general election I will spoil my vote on principle rather than waste it on any of the pugnacious sticklebacks of capitalism.

And yes democracy is a sham, quite deliberate is that, I must re-read Paul Foot's 'The Vote' how it was won and how it was undermined!

The left in Britain is a total muck-up, spread like manure, and fertilizing nothing. But things will change in time, they will have too. More and more people are becoming independents like many of us working on the internet, so frustration on the one hand and optimistic on the other!

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