Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sir Michael Caine actor and half-wit!

Is Michael Caine the actor for real, he is obviously a card carrying member of the nasty Tory party then, appearing at this morning’s Tory news conference sitting along side Cameron he said that he was there to represent young people, specking in support of the Tories' new "National Citzen Service" that David Cameron predicted would "blow the bloody doors off".

I thought that Sir Michael a 77 year old and very wealthy pensioner, was a very bad if not odd choice to represent our young people, but then again, I think that he’s as nasty as the party he supports, dictating to the young when he was once one of Britain's most famous tax exiles as part of the so-called "brain drain" of the 1970s, Sir Michael moved back to the UK after Margaret Thatcher started to bring down tax but has threatened to move back to Hollywood if income tax rates climb past 50 per cent.

Mr Cameron told the launch that the National Citzen Service (NCS) scheme would provide a "rite of passage" into adulthood.

What a joke, when you think that young people are sent out and fight their grease and oil wars!

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