Friday, 23 April 2010

Second debate boring....

The second debate between the three party leaders screened and hosted last night by sky news, settled down and became what we anticipated a boring exercise. Many whose litmus paper was set alight by the excitement of the first debate may well have felt disappointed after last night’s offerings.

Clegg managed to maintain his performance, Brown got a laughed, and Cameron agreed with the prime minister…wow!
All the contestants, had improved their performances, a week at boot camp had indeed paid off along with improved personal appearances of haircuts and the attentive visual aspect of Cameron and Brown looking strait and directly into camera – not always such a pleasant sight!

Brian Hopper (In the Box) watched it on the box whilst Jim Lawrie listened to the exchanges on BBC radio, blow by blow not that there was much of that.

In the blink of an eye, polls released just after the second leaders' TV debate split the win between David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

Clegg will be pleased he managed to weather yesterday's storm by maintaining his impressive poll levels, despite a clutch of damaging headlines about his views, upbringing and financial arrangements.

Mr Cameron will be glad to have improved on what was considered a calamitous performance last week, while Mr Brown's performance in the second debate is in general considered to be better than his first.

The state of the polls confirms that the election is still a three-donkey race.

A Populus poll for the Times saw Mr Cameron take a narrow victory of 37% over Mr Clegg's 36% - well within the margin of error. Mr Brown was on 27%.

A YouGov poll for the Sun also gave Mr Cameron a lead, with the Tory leader on 36% next to Mr Clegg's 32% and Mr Brown on 29%.

All other polls put the Lib Dems in first place.

A Guardian/ICM poll put Mr Clegg on 33%, while Mr Cameron was in joint second place with Mr Brown on 29%.

An Angus Reid poll put Nick Clegg on 33%, Mr Cameron on 32% and Mr Brown well behind on 23%.

Meanwhile, an ITV/ComRes poll put Nick Clegg on 33%, and Mr Cameron and Mr Brown both on 32%.

Post By: Brian Hopper (In the Box) and Jim Lawrie
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