Thursday, 22 April 2010

The political elite threat the unemployed as persons afflicted with leprosy, a pariah who should be avoided by others!

Labour and Gordon Brown’s re-election bid was dealt a blow after it emerged that the number of long-term unemployed has nearly doubled in just two years.

Since 2008, the number of Britons unemployed for at least a year has rocketed from 390,000 to 726,000 - the highest level for 13 years, according to the Office for National Statistics.

The issue of unemployment has largely been ignored during the course of the general election campaign, and yet the curse of joblessness is a plague that has fallen on many houses with untold pain and consequences.

The political elite if anything have increasingly treated those of us who have or are experiencing a period on the dole, as persons afflicted with leprosy, a pariah who should be avoided by others!
This is borne out and carried forward in the disgusting poster, released this week by nasty Cameron and his Tories.

In just three months, an extra 89,000 people - or nearly 1,000 a day - have joined the queues in towns and cities forming up and down the land for work.
Last week during the leaders TV debate Gordon Brown said that his handling of the economy, had meant that we in Britain would not experience the same percentage of unemployment as say the USA or other nations suffering as a result of recession. Well the truth is that Gordon is talking old hat again, and you will not find one of his other opponents pull him up on this, simply because they all support the system that continues the pursuit of profit, that put’s greed before people, as it has always done.

Why do we allow this game of hangman to be played is the genuine question that I would like to ask, why do we put up with the fake and counterfeit politics of the three big players who will adorn our TV screens latter this evening?

The International Monetary Fund has warned that another 100,000 workers could lose their jobs this year and other economists fear that unemployment could rise even further to around three million next year, fuelled by job cuts in the public sector and further bloodshed in the private sector.

The capitalist system is failing like never before and at some point after the general election I predict that we will see the British working class vent their anger on the streets!


Chris H said...

Highest record in years, and that's with their constant moving of the goalposts and statistics fiddling.

Do you know, when I saw that poster I thought it was a spoof? I can't believe any party to the supposed left of Mussolini would be guilty of being proud to spout such nastiness.

I do hope we don't see violence! Without direction and purpose it tends to hurt those who least deserve it - the rich and influential will be well guarded against such events.

Norbert said...

Hi Chris,

I very much concur, berrying the unemployed, concealing, indeed fiddling the figures has become the hallmark of government activity in tackling the widespread devastation of unemployment in the UK.

The poster is a clue that Tories would wage and intensify the class war on behalf of their class and reminds me of the shadow of her simile - Margaret Hilda Thatcher that is!

I also hope that we don't see violence in any form, but a feeling in my bones says it may happen.

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