Thursday, 1 April 2010

Mephedrone or Capitalism Killing the Young?

There has been a great deal in the news about the use of drugs recently, particularly about this new drug known as Mephedrone, or meow meow that has been linked with various deaths over recent weeks, and the media coverage around it has quickly built to saturation point. And yet we still do not know of any evidence base to confirm its role in the deaths of young people who have used it. ‘Linked to’ is not the same as ‘caused’. And the ‘media coverage’ is not the same as ‘medical’ confirmation’.

So let’s not jump to any conclusions just yet!

The first that I’d ever heard of this drug was when I read that two young people had died following a weekend out on the town. I suppose you could say recreational pursuit following a week’s graft, after all that’s what working people and youngsters do and have done for as long as I can remember and long before that.

Then the next day, I read that the latest two youngsters came from Scunthorpe and regulars to this blog will know this is my home town. I was numbed a little but not shocked at this revelation, after all drugs in one form or another (tobacco and alcoholic beverage) are used everyday by people all around us, and by people that we all know, friends, family, workmates and neighbours’.

I did a little research into the Scunthorpe deaths and found a video on the local newspaper web-site where the parents of one of the young men bravely controlling their emotions paid a tribute of love whilst recalling what short of a person their son was. The father said, that on the one night off a week that his son had from his job as a chef, he didn’t expect to say: goodbyes have a good night out, and then not to see him ever again.

One other thing that I noticed was this was a hardworking committed to one another family, probably doing better than most, living in a village just outside Scunthorpe, both young men had jobs and careers, but what reverberated around in my head the most was what the father said about his son only having one day off a week. The other thing that's worth a mention is that Brian (In the Box) has a step-son who knew the other young man which leads me to think that these were just two normal boys who probably never got themselves into any real trouble. So the six million dollar question is what went on with these two young men, why are they no more, and what does this say about our society and the young trying to make their way through it?

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