Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A licence to Kill?

The PREVIOUSLY unpublished now published report into the death of anti-fascist activist Blair Peach, a 33-year-old New Zealander, confirms one thing and one thing only; that the police, the great British bobby famous the world over for wearing a nipple shaped helmet is nothing more than the paramilitary force armed to the teeth, iron boot of the state, it’s that simple.

Here’s another sweeping statement; the British Labour Party is guilty of shaping the police forces’ of the state into the Robocop that has supplanted the image long time past ‘evening all’ lovely Dixon of Dock Green (Dixon of Dock Green was a popular BBC television series, which ran from 1955 to 1976) the East End copper who was everyone’s friend, except the petty criminals that old Dixon dealt with, this TV programme sold the lie for years that the Old Bill were all like Dixon, warm, paternal and frequently moralising for the good of the community you understand, and I suppose many a granny back in the day went to bed thinking the world was a safer a and better place.

I’ll have to be careful here for I’m slipping adrift from my intended argument, but then again propaganda of this type that was turned-out by the BBC like a tin of corn-beef which played its part in people’s perceptions and helped to keep the lid on things back then. There’s nothing new in this as the state used the force of propaganda in the new emerging cinema during the seconded world war to sell its message that workers must sacrifice and put their lives on the line for king and country, the one film that makes me more sick than anything in this regard was ‘In Which We Serve’, made in 1942 a British patriotic war film directed by David Lean and Noël Coward. It was made during the Second World War with the assistance of the Ministry of Information with the aim in my opinion to sell war to the population, a horrible revolting film.

I think amongst other things; I will explore the media and medium of entertainment used by the state for its propaganda purposes and aims in the future, as this warrants separate consideration particularly in the opening decade of the new millennium and the raging wars that are sold as crusades against terrorism at home and aboard.

So let me pick up the real thread of this post, and that’s the roll, purpose of the police in our society, this has for me been triggered off by the new news into the death of Blair Peach who was knocked unconscious in April 1979 during an Anti-Nazi League demonstration in Southall against a British National Front election meeting in the town hall. He died the next day in hospital from head injuries that he sustained. Fourteen witnesses said they had seen members of the Metropolitan Police Special Patrol Group (SPG) strike Peach. No one was ever charged, but it was suspected that he had been hit by a rubberised police radio. An inquest jury returned a verdict of death by misadventure in May 1980. Peach's girlfriend, Celia Stubbs, continued to campaign for many years for a public inquiry into his death.
The Metropolitan Police reports into the death of Blair Peach were made available to the public on 27 April, that’s yesterday and 31 years later – what a scandal!

Where will this leave the family of Ian Tomlinson killed by the police last year, will they have to wait 31 years, why should the police have a licence to Kill?
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